The Best Antique Ancient Roman & Greek Glass For Sale

Published 8 years ago

Ancient Roman glass forms an essential part of every Roman antiquities for sale collection and refers to glass items that were produced within the Roman Empire during the time period ranging from 100 BCE-400 CE. This includes glass created in areas that included Middle East, Africa, Afghanistan, etc.

Glass making in the Roman period was primarily intended for the production of vessels. Windows glasses and mosaic tiles were also produced. Roman glass-making techniques were inspired from the technical know-how of glass makers from the Hellenistic period. The eventual invention of the glass-blowing technique saw this material becoming a common commodity. Luxury glass, on the other hand, was expensive and reserved for the nobility.

Connoisseurs of ancient art are always looking to add more ancient glass for sale to their collections. At Aphrodite Ancient Art Gallery, our collection is aimed towards collectors at all level, be it beginners or advanced collectors.

Here’s a look at some of the Greek antiquities and Roman antiquities available in our collection.

Early Roman ribbed shallow blue bowl, circa 1st cent BC-1st cent AD

Crafted out of cobalt blue glass, ribbed bowls of these types were famous in early Roman history. While greenish blue bowls were the standard, rich blue bowls of these types were rare. Part of our collection of Roman antiquities for sale, it makes for an excellent piece in your collection.

Greek core-formed amphoriskos, circa 6th-5th century B.C.

This gorgeous vessel with cobalt blue body is in excellent condition. It has looped handles and comes decorated with a beautiful pattern. Belonging to 5th century BC Greek period, this amphoriskos belongs to our Greek antiquities for sale collection.

Early Roman ribbed bowl of orange glass, circa 1st century BC- 1st century AD

Crafted by a systematic process that includes sagging, lathe cutting and fire polishing, this ancient glass for sale is crafted from pale orange colored glass.

Greek glass bowl, circa 3rd-2st century BC

Belonging to our Greek antiquities for sale collection, this hemispherical bowl is pale yellow green in color. The piece is ribbed and is preserved in excellent condition for sale. Own it to expand your Greek glass collection.

Large Roman glass jug in olive green, circa 3rd-4th century AD

Part of the 3rd to 4th century ancient glass for sale collection, this jug in olive green shows weathering and iridescence. It has a single handle and a flaring mouth.

There’s nothing like owning a piece of ancient history! Whether you are just beginning to understand the beauty of these antiquities or have been buying them for some time, ancient glass for sale are an excellent way to invest your time and money. These antiquities are sure to keep your viewers mesmerized.

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