"The Theatre of the stars" – Eyes production design by Alessandra Morgante

Published 8 years ago

I Create Magical Scenes On My Eyes

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"THE THEATRE OF THE STARS" EYES PRODUCTION DESIGN BY ALESSANDRA MORGANTE ..with Stylistic and Italian originality in the sign of the color scheme, the blue and light blue, and the continuity between body and universal images, Alessandra paints, creates, makes up, disguises, revolutionizes, builds unusual scene painting for the eyes. Magical twilights, urban buildings, climb to the unconscious, clowns, acrobats and characters who have marked her history are themes that mounts literally on the eye; the result is amazing, aesthetically and artistically perfect. The art of the look inside and outside in her uncontainability. Photography: Pietro Annicchiarico, visual artist and video maker, fascinated by light and its many expressive skills, which found in his meeting with the artistic work of Alessandra Morgante an opportunity to go beyond mere photographic documentation and return character and meaning to every image realized. www.instagram.com/alessandra.morgante www.borepanda.com/il-teatrinodelle-stelle-scenografie-oculari

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