This Guy Made Real-Life Thor Hammer That Only He Can Lift

Published 9 years ago

Thor’s hammer Mjolnir has an awesome anti-theft device in that it can’t be lifted by the unworthy. A fan recreated this feature with his own hammer. Not having access to the magic of the Norse gods, he opted to use electromagnets (salvaged from a microwave) and a thumbprint scanner. If anyone who doesn’t have their print recorded tries to lift the pseudo-Mjolnir, they can’t – as long as the hammer stays on a metal surface!

The hammer doesn’t return to the wielder’s arm and won’t get stuck to non-metal surface – we probably need about 20 years of technological and nerd engineer evolution for those features. The hammer was made by YouTube user “Sufficiently Advanced” (Allen Pan).  The name is a reference to the third law of British sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

More info: (h/t: wired)

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Many have tried to lift Mjolnir…


…but none succeeded!


Only the worthy – or the hammer’s creator Allen Pan – can pick it up!


The magic rests mainly in a salvaged microwave electromagnet and a thumbprint scanner.



See why only the worthy can lift Mjolnir, Hammer Of Thor:


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