Top AU Beautiful Wedding Destinations

Published 9 years ago

When the engagement ring is on our hands and the date is set, most of us will fantasize about the beautiful wedding gown, makeup, jewelry and the cake. We’ll sit and put down the guest list and determine the seating arrangement, design the invitations and define who the bridesmaids will be. Taking care of all the details is perfectly fine, but don’t neglect the importance of the wedding destination. Perfectly romantic surroundings that will leave you breathless will surely be longer remembered than the dress or the cake.

If you plan to elope to Australia or you’re already there, here are some wonderful destinations that might inspire you to book your wedding venue in this beautiful country.

The city of Brisbane

Living in a big city means that you have more opportunities to find a perfect wedding venue, even in the middle of all that hustle and bustle. While you’re in Brisbane, you can enjoy its stunning attractions, nearby beaches, public parks and gardens – and it comes as no surprise that these locations in Brisbane are the most popular ones when it comes to organizing weddings. The romantic North Lakes suburb is one of such picturesque locations where you can find wedding venues that are hard to match.

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Sydney area

Sydney is one more Australian jewel – vibrant, beautiful and exciting city and one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. Not only that both tourists and citizens are enthralled by its attractions, but it also offers numerous locations for a perfect wedding celebration. Taronga Zoo is one of the most popular wedding locations , a place that offers the most spectacular views of Sydney. If you want to get away from the city, go to Wollongong, a picturesque coastal city that lies 50 miles south of Sydney.

The gardens of Victoria

Victoria is a state that has an incredible, 2000-mile coastline, packed with amazing beaches. However, beach weddings are not the best that this region of Australia has to offer. Among many historic cities, natural attractions, skiing and water sports centers, Victoria is famous for its romantic and quiet gardens and parks, extremely popular with soon-to-be-wed couples. In Dandenong Ranges, you’ll find a small village of Cockatoo and a private Avalon Castle that provides garden and chapel weddings. Or, you can get married in Melbourne’s Carlton Gardens, one of the most dramatic attractions in the city.

Port Arthur Chapel, Tasmania

A small, secluded town of Port Arthur is located on the Tasman Peninsula. Although small, it’s one of the country’s most famous heritage locations. This gorgeous town hides one real jewel for future married couples – an old, gothic church, built by Tasmanian convicts. The whole island served as Alcatraz for Australian prisoners and is famous for its spooky attractions such as the Isle of Dead and former prison ruins. So, this destination might be an interesting idea for those who are fond of historic and slightly unusual attractions.

Kangaroo Island

If you love rough and rugged nature and crave for a unique wedding venue, Kangaroo Island in South Australia might be a perfect choice. Just because it’s wild, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer luxurious accommodation and wedding venues – quite the opposite. Not only that you’ll find a great wedding venue, but your honeymoon spent here will certainly be adventurous, exciting and enjoying. If you’re a fan of small, beach weddings, look no more and organize the best day of your life on the coasts of Kangaroo Island.

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