10 Travel-Inspired Embroidered Works By Maria Zamyatina

Published 1 year ago

Maria Zamyatina is an embroidery artist who started documenting her travel memories through embroidered paintings four years ago. Earlier, she tried her hand at embroidering bags, brooches, ribbon embroidery, cross stitching and ultimately found her passion for travel embroidery. In an interview with DeMilked, she revealed, “When I came to an idea to chronicle my travels through free style mixed media embroidery, I realized that those were the topic and the medium I was looking for and since 2018 I keep on in the same direction.”

Talking about her inspiration, the artist said, “While making ribbon embroidery and cross stitching I constantly felt that I was restricted by the principles of these forms of craft. Even when I was doing sort of free style cross stitching and making my own cross stitch patterns, still I had to fit into squares. At the same time, I was attending different painting classes. And at some point, I just came to a thought: why don’t I use my thread just like a use a pencil?”

Check out her stunning works in the gallery below.

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#1 Baden, Austria

Image source: Maria Zamyatina

The artist mentioned that her embroidery process reminds the painting process a lot. Elaborating further, she said, “I choose a reference photo (in most cases it’s my own photo from a trip), choose some main colors (the rest I will choose on the go). I almost don’t draw any sketches and if I do I make them very simple. So, I just thread my needle and embroider as if I have a pencil or a brush in my hand. My creative process is very often also a complicated mental process. Of course, when you are doing smth freestyle the expectation of what you want to get at the end don’t always match the result. So while making a piece I experience all sorts of emotions: from hating what I create to thinking that I outperformed myself and created the best work. At the beginning I must admit I suffered from this roller coaster but now that I accepted it, I see it as a part of my creative process and I just observe how my perception changes.”

#2 Cabo da Roca, Portugal

Image source: Maria Zamyatina

#3 Copenhagen, Denmark

Image source: Maria Zamyatina

#4 Eze, France

Image source: Maria Zamyatina

#5 Istanbul, Turkey

Image source: Maria Zamyatina

#6 Keukenhof, Netherlands

Image source: Maria Zamyatina

#7 Luxembourg

Image source: Maria Zamyatina

#8 Moscow, Russia

Image source: Maria Zamyatina

#9 Santorini, Greece

Image source: Maria Zamyatina

#10 Sunset in Portugal

Image source: Maria Zamyatina

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