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10 Portraits Of Ukrainian Women And Children Who Escaped To Poland Due To The War, As Captured By This Photographer

Published 1 year ago

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has forced many people to leave their country and take refuge in neighboring areas. By now, around 2 million Ukrainian people have fled to Poland to seek refuge.

Recently, a Polish photographer named Aleksander Majdański posted some portraits of women and children on Bored Panda. According to Majdański, these people are living as refugees in Poland, and their fathers, sons, husbands, or brothers are fighting in the ongoing war. Scroll below to see some of the most heart-touching photographs captured by the photographer.

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#1 Natasza, Age 36, Shlapan

Image source: majdanski

#2 Tetiana, Age 35, Alisa, Age 7, Lutsk

Image source: majdanski

#3 Svetlana, Age 36, Shlapan

Image source: majdanski

#4 Lena, Age 25, Farunku

Image source: majdanski

#5 Julia, Age 27, Tarnopol

Image source: majdanski

#6 Svitlana, Age 26, Kyiv

Image source: majdanski

#7 Lida, Age 16, Maria, Age 26, Ivanofrankovsk

Image source: majdanski

#8 Jarina, Age 3, Ivanofrankovsk

Image source: majdanski

#9 Yana, Age 14, Katerina, Age 36, Lviv

Image source: majdanski

#10 Vira, Age 26, Wiktoria, Age 6, Weronika, Age 6, Lviv

Image source: majdanski

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