Musicians’ Portraits Before And After They Perform

Published 10 years ago

Photographer Brandon Andersen has created an interesting before-and-after photography project that has portrayed, in a readily visible way, just how much effort some musicians can put into their live performances.

The photos are simple but telling. He followed the Vans Warped Tour around and took pictures of the musicians before they went on stage and after they finished their sets using a standardized photo backdrop, a Canon 5DMIII and a 24-70mm f/2.8 L II lens. You can see the weariness in their eyes, their posture, their expressions and, in some cases, their profuse sweat.

Next time a musician at a show asks you to raise your hands, do it – they deserve it!

More info: | Instagram | Twitter (h/t: lessonslearnt)

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Ryan from To The Wind


Keith from Every Time I Die


Nick from Vanna


Drew from Stray From The Path


Nick from Terror


Devin from The Color Morale


Davey from Vanna


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