Voice Over – Gil Zablodovsky

Published 8 years ago

The project deals with the phenomenon of lack of confidence in dealing with the audience.

As a designer, I chose to create a metaphorical representation of what the tension between inner mental

strength Of the person and the way a person presents himself on the outside.

Lack of confidence in the eyes of tension between the layers is not harmonious and abrasive represent

Internal conflicts and the need to present a coherent, stable and safe pace.

To me, one of the ways in which the human is an attempt to capture the internal noise

Present in it, and thus filter it different ways of communication for the company.

During the research project i examined various ways representing the subject.

I looked for films, documentaries and various tools of visual communication.

I decided to focus on sound recordings of stories and real cases so The viewer will experience an experience

strong and true.

After the selection of sound built around a central motif in other themes which back

The same mood, visual communication designer and someone who works in the field and

Video, the feeling was asked to lead another move that will complement the sound

Using graphs and motion images.

The images created for each object are designed to dramatise the issue of personal story

DREAM-WORLD is being played in the same object. The images were designed to formulate And thus

constitute a graphic metaphor to reality a dream, which blend in with the real elements

Abstract elements. The combination of the character images together with rotational movement

And light scattering on the glass walls designed to create a dynamic view that reflects the inner world

Man, fears, longings and anguish magnified, exaggerated, distorted and find

Out of context.

One of my most important goals throughout the project, is to move the viewer experience

Intimate and not be satisfied with the way the viewer remains passive.

The work invites the viewer to experience the process, by the active intervention

And passive together, where each viewer can choose the level of its active intervention. one

Viewer intervention important things to me, is running a simple mechanism, each

Be able to run on a personal level and in the most intimate and gears. Selection

Physical object in the project, was a process in which I allow substance of the issue in

He’s physical, when I am accessible to the mood of the story to the audience.

Refer to images of gears:

My very choice to make viewers the same voice that floats in every one of us

On a different level, during daily life, is the choice to make the voice of those who are not heard.

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inside Voice Over

inside Voice Over

The whole artifiact

The whole artifiact

Side view

Side view

Experimenting “Voice Over”

Experimenting "Voice Over"

Experimenting “Voice Over”

Experimenting "Voice Over"

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