Watercolor Superheroes Made Of Big Color Splashes

Published 9 years ago

A great superhero is recognized by shape and color. Paintings by Blule exhibit this point magnificently. Batman. Supermanand Hulk are especially suitable for free-flowing watercolor paintings. There’s a lightness to the images, divorced from the usually intricately detailed depiction of heroes in comic books.

Blule (Clementine Campardou) is a French illustrator now living in Sydney, Australia. She studied fine arts and industrial design in Paris. Blule’s work experience involves Fila and L’Oreal. She returned to painting after a few years of designing shoes and perfume bottles.

“I work mostly with watercolor, I need it to be fast and I like the spontaneity of it,” Blule wrote on Bored Panda. “Sometimes paintings seem like they are moving on their own, alive, like clouds in the sky. Shapes can appear from a part you didn’t control, letting your imagination do the work, like a Rorschach test.”

More info: blule.fr | facebook | twitter | instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

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