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Weird Things That Are Happening To People Because Of Pokémon Go!

Published 7 years ago

Pokémon Go is a game where people actually get to get out of their houses while playing the game and may be that is why everyone is giving a shot to what it feels like playing this game. Whether it is android or IOS people are not hesitating to use Pokemon Go Hack iOS in order to get the best pokeballs and Pokémon to improve their stand I the game. There are many things that have happened to people recently because of this game which include;
Bumping into trees while driving:

Now that is dangerous as I guess no major injuries were involved during the case which I am narrating, but since people think they are the champions of multitasking, they thus do not hesitate to use their mobiles while driving, but a person actually started to play the Pokémon Go during driving and guess what while busy running after the Pokémon beasts, he hot bumped into a tree and will surely had to pay for the car repairs.
Robbers planned a robbery:

That’s right because when a person is playing Pokémon Go, he/she is only focussing on how to catch the Pokémon and this actually keeps you away from what is happening in your surroundings. Some robbers actually took advantage of this thing and they began to notice and follow a person too busy ion catching his Pokémon and thus while he moved to a silent street, they simply caught him from behind and took his mobile phone and other belongings. Thus people should be careful.
Politicians taking influence:

Politicians are really clever and all they do is to take advantage of anything that is fixed in the minds of people and use this for their own purpose. Many politicians have started to use the name of the game to get attention from people and this actually helps them in getting a certain level of attention nowadays from the people who never bother to listen to them.
Getting into weird accidents:

Since most of the people are found walking around the streets or using their skate boards to catch the Pokémon beasts, this has become the reason why they are getting into weird accidents such as falling on the bonnet of a car, getting hit by a street light or just bumping into people and falling down etc.

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Weird Things That Are Happening To People Because Of Pokémon Go!

Weird Things That Are Happening To People Because Of Pokémon Go!

Weird Things That Are Happening To People Because Of Pokémon Go!

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