10 Times This Photographer Captured Sand Sculptures Naturally Carved By The Winds

Published 2 years ago

Mother nature never ceases to surprise us with its wonderful creations– And while many of those creations are temporary, photographers like Joshua Novicki manage to capture them. Recently, he captured some mesmerizing sand structures that were formed by wind erosion along the shores of Lake Michigan.

In a chat with DeMilked, the photographer said that Lake Michigan is his favorite subject to photograph and he spends a lot of time walking along the lakeshore. He also mentioned that he has photographed the sand structures before in past years and he knew that there were the right conditions to possibly find them.

The photographer revealed, “They do not last very long (usually only a couple of days), the wind completely erodes them or knocks them down, if the temperature goes up above freezing they crumble and often in the winter they soon get covered by drifting snow.” Scroll down to know more about these sand sculptures and check out the amazing pictures in the gallery below.

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Image source: Joshua Nowicki Photography

Joshua also explained, “The sand formations (some people liken them to hoodoos) caused by wind erosion of the beach can occur at any time of the year (though it is rare) if there is wet sand and sustained high winds for several days; however they only get bigger than a couple of inches when the sand is frozen (from rain, melted snow, spray from crashing waves).”


Image source: Joshua Nowicki Photography

He also mentioned that these are some of the tallest sand structures that he has ever photographed, the largest being about 15 inches tall.


Image source: Joshua Nowicki Photography

Describing his photographic techniques, Joshua said, “To photograph them I lay down on the beach and use a 20mm lens or a 135mm lens.”


Image source: Joshua Nowicki Photography

Moreover, Joshua is very passionate about photographing crashing waves, storms, the ice build-up along Lake Michigan and snowflakes. Don’t forget to check out some of his brilliant photographs here. And keep scrolling to see more stunning images of frozen sand.


Image source: Joshua Nowicki Photography


Image source: Joshua Nowicki Photography


Image source: Joshua Nowicki Photography


Image source: Joshua Nowicki Photography


Image source: Joshua Nowicki Photography


Image source: Joshua Nowicki Photography

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