Winners Of The 2016 iPhone Photography Awards Show That You Don’t Need An Expensive Camera

Published 8 years ago

Who said you need a fancy camera to take a great photo? Whoever did, they clearly didn’t see the winning shots of the 2016 iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS).

The 9th annual recognition event for those photographers loyal to Apple has come to a conclusion with 24 winners selected out of hundreds of contestants. From landscape shots to portraits these photographers showed that good photos are not about the equipment, it’s about how you use it.

Some shots could even trick you that they were made with pro grade cameras, showing us how far the technology has come in only a decade.

More info: (h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 Erica Wu From San Francisco Ca, United States, 1st Place, Animals


Image source: Erica Wu

#2 Fugen Xiao From Guangdong, China, 1st Place, Travel


Image source: Fugen Xiao

#3 Siyuan Niu From Xinjiang, China, Grand Prize Winner


Image source: Siyuan Niu

#4 Yongmei Wang From Chongqing, China, 2nd Place, Sunset


Image source: Yongmei Wang

#5 Shiyang Han From Beijing, China, 3rd Place, Travel


Image source: Shiyang Han

#6 Junbiao Cai From Guangdong, China, 3rd Place, Animals


Image source: Junbiao Cai

#7 Jian Wang From Beijing, China, 1st Place, Architecture


Image source: Jian Wang

#8 Xia Zhenkai From Guangdong, China, 1st Place, People


Image source: Xia Zhenkai

#9 Junfeng Wang From Shanghai, China, 1st Place, Nature


Image source: Junfeng Wang

#10 Junfeng Wang From Shanghai, China, 1st Place, Nature


Image source: Junfeng Wang

#11 Robin Robertis From Carlsbad Ca, United States, 2nd Place


Image source: Robin Robertis

#12 Nazaret Sanchez Rodriquez From Tarragona, Spain, 2nd Place, Landscape


Image source: Nazaret Sanchez Rodriquez

For 2014 winners head over here.


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