20 Photos That Made It To The Winning List Of The International Wedding Photographer Competition 2021

Published 2 years ago

Capturing weddings is one of the most challenging photography tasks. A wedding photographer needs to shoot the happiest moments of the greatest day of the couple’s life, which is a lot of responsibility put on a single person’s shoulders. Therefore some photographers try to give their best in order to get that perfect newlywed shot.

The International Wedding Photography Contest has been honoring such amazing wedding photographers for the last 5 years. It was established in the year 2017 in Australia. This year, the judges have picked many wonderful images for the winner’s list. Scroll below to check out some of those amazing pictures.

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#1 Grand Winner: Fabio Mirulla

Image source: Fabio Mirulla

#2 From Above: Ky Luu

Image source: Ky Luu

#3 Dance Floor: Zahn Trotter

Image source: Zahn Trotter

#4 Bridal Party: Sergey Lapkovsky

Image source: Sergey Lapkovsky

#5 Solo Portrait: Rodolfo Aguirre

Image source: Rodolfo Aguirre

#6 Single Capture: Darren Wigley

Image source: Darren Wigley

#7 Solo Portrait: Serafeim Serafeimidis

Image source: Serafeim Serafeimidis

#8 Single Capture: Chris Jallard

Image source: Chris Jallard

#9 Single Capture: Emily Serrell

Image source: Emily Serrell

#10 Solo Portrait: Camila Urrea

Image source: Camila Urrea

#11 Couple Portrait: Nikolaichik Photo

Image source: Nikolaichik Photo

#12 Couple Portrait: Fabio Mirulla

Image source: Fabio Mirulla

#13 Engagement: Mic Panic

Image source: Mic Panic

#14 Engagement: Mic Panic

Image source: Mic Panic

#15 Single Capture: Avismita Bhattacharyya

Image source: Avismita Bhattacharyya

#16 Solo Portrait: Shari + Mike Vallely

Image source: Shari + Mike Vallely

#17 Single Capture: James Gough

Image source: James Gough

#18 Single Capture: Catherine Ekkelboom-White

Image source: Catherine Ekkelboom-White

#19 Dance Floor: Georgia Verrells

Image source: Georgia Verrells

#20 Single Capture: Maruša Puhek

Image source: Maruša Puhek

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