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This Artist Turns Steel Wire Into Beautiful Metal Masterpieces That Seamlessly Blend In With Nature

Published 3 months ago

Martin Debenham is a British artist living in the Dorset countryside. And while the artist says his favorite hobbies are ‘dancing, taking walks and watching telly’, he also creates beautiful intricate wire sculptures that will mesmerize you with their detail.

The artist says he didn’t have a lot of artistic training and got into sculpture after taking up a temporary job making topiary frames in 2008. Now the artist offers tuitions and has prepared instruction manuals for those who want to try their hand at creating wire sculptures themselves.

More info: Website | Art Parks | h/t: My Modern Met

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To create the sculptures, the artist uses stainless steel wire between 1.6mm and 5mm diameter. He says it is thin enough to be manipulated by hand or with pliers and thick enough to be welded with a welder.

“To get control over the shape I use the same basic method as normal clay modelling; model the visible silhouette as accurately as possible and then rotate the piece a bit and repeat,” says the artist.

Martin says building the sculptures is surprisingly easy but it can take ‘absolutely ages’.

The artist creates both figurative and abstract sculptures and all of them look simply stunning.

Check out more of Martin’s works in the gallery below!

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