10+ Empowering Illustrations Showing How Women Deal With Everyday Struggles

Published 6 years ago

Carol Rossetti is a 30-year-old Brazilian artist, who created the Women project – a series of powerful illustrations showing the struggles women face and deal with every day. She has been creating the series for over four years now.

In an interview with Bored Panda, the artist said she started drawing as a young child but didn’t think much of it then: “I guess all kids like to draw. I did develop other artistic interests as I grew up, like acting and sculpting, but they really didn’t work that much, so I kept on drawing.” She eventually started working with illustration a few years after college. “I created a page on Facebook to post a drawing every day, as a way for me to build up a portfolio and get better at drawing. Only my mom and a few friends followed my page back then, of course… But then came the Women project,” said Carol.

The artist says that through this project she wanted to start a dialogue about feminism with people from outside of the activist movement: “The messages in those illustrations are clear, easy to read and somehow comforting – but also very fast and very short.” She says they’re not aimed at people with the concepts of body positivity, freedom of choice, LGBTQI pride, intersectionality, social equality, and human rights. “I wanted to start talking about feminism with my aunt, my grandmother, my mother, the women in my life who were scared of the word “feminism”.”

Carol started the series based on the people she knew but after a while, women from all over the world started sharing their stories and experiences. She says these sensitive issues are sometimes met with aggressive backlash from conservatives but that doesn’t stop her: “It’s something we learn how to deal with, but I can’t say it doesn’t hurt. It does. Luckily, the love I got has always been greater than the hate.”

Check out the artist’s series of powerful illustrations in the gallery below!

More info: carolrossetti.com.br | Facebook | carolrossettidesign.tumblr.com | Instagram | kickstarter.com | h/t

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Image source: Carol Rossetti


Image source: Carol Rossetti


Image source: Carol Rossetti


Image source: Carol Rossetti


Image source: Carol Rossetti


Image source: Carol Rossetti


Image source: Carol Rossetti


Image source: Carol Rossetti


Image source: Carol Rossetti


Image source: Carol Rossetti

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