This Artist Inserts Colorful Glasses Into Sea Defence Timber To Create Mesmerizing Sculptures (10 Pics)

Published 3 years ago

Louise V Durham, the artist behind the “LoVeD Glasswork” project, is based in Shoreham-by-Sea, England. Her unique sculptures contain pieces of stained glass embedded in wood. When sunlight passes through the colorful glass pieces, it creates a prism-like effect and disperses colors around its surroundings, and it looks magical.

DeMilked reached out to Louise and we asked the artist to share her creative process, she revealed, “I use traditional leaded light stained glass process, similar to glass you would find in a church window, along with fusing and slumping to create shapes and colour gradation. The glass is inserted into reclaimed groyne timbers (sea defence timbers) that have been weathered and shaped by decades of exposure to the elements.”

Louise has been creating these sculptures for the last 10 years, and she loves making these wooden towers in the hope of bringing joy to everyone’s life. She says, “I hope that my work gives comfort and joy to people in moments of darkness.”

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Image source: Instagram

Louise also explained how light plays an important role in her works- “It is all about the light, that’s the magic of glass and the magic of all living things. When the light hits a sculpture you get the “Wow” moment and for me, there’s nothing like a “Wow” that illuminates all the colors of the spectrum. It speaks of wholeness and connection to something bigger than us, but at the same time that something IS us.”


Image source: Instagram

She also mentioned that each piece is totally unique as no piece of wood is alike, and they bring their own character and history. Louise is a professional artist and she also sells her art pieces worldwide. If you are interested, you can order her works from this website- Louise V Durham. About her business, Louis explains “Sculptures are usually bought for people’s gardens but they are often bought as memorial pieces, there are also a few LoVeD headstones out in the world. This of course has been a great honor to be involved in.”


Image source: Instagram

The artist says that her works are created through a spiritual process in which she surrenders herself without thinking what the results would be. “I see my work as a kind of prayer, an offering from my soul. I set my intention and hand it over. There’s a certain amount of trust that comes in, when I can let go and hand it over, trusting that what gets made is perfect for the individual it is made for, whether I know who that is or not.”


Image source: Instagram

When we asked Louise what inspires her, she said, “I’m a big gardener, a keen yogi, and a fan of life in general. The good bits especially, of course! Love, kindness, and enthusiasm, but also the hard bits as it’s from those that the spark of life reignites and makes us stronger deeper, and hopefully wiser.”


Image source: Instagram

The artist says that she finds extreme joy in creating these beautiful sculptures, and she believes that there is something about colors that makes us feel happy- “Even having all the colors of glass laid out in front of me on my cutting table is enough to make me feel good and I think that’s why the work is so popular, colour makes us feel good. ”


Image source: Instagram

As most creative people know, the true form of art comes out from a deep place inside our hearts, and ‘art without heart’ is just craft. Louise believes the same and says, “I try not to interfere too much on an intellectual level, the work is definitely not from the head and totally and utterly from my heart.”


Image source: Instagram


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Image source: Instagram

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