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10+ Epic Design Fails That You Probably Won’t Believe Actually Happened (New Pics)

Published 7 months ago

Everyone enjoys a well thought out design – but sometimes designers bless us with something we just can’t help but call crappy. Bored Panda has once again compiled a list of the worst design fails out there and you’ll have a hard time believing they passed quality control. From funky toilets to stairs leading nowhere – most of these designs are so bad, it’s hilarious.

See the worst (or should we say best?) crappy designs in the gallery below and if you want more, check out the ones we featured before here and here!


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#1 Probably Not The Best Color For A Bike Saddle

Image source: Lt_PeteMitchell1

#2 When Your Security Gate Is A Ladder

Image source: pcjcusaa1636

#3 Seriously?

Image source: 03Shael

#4 I Didn’t Qualify For This Paid Survey After Selecting “No”

Image source: bunnyxjam

#5 We All Party Down Here

Image source: Tucko29

#6 This Ad Placement

Image source: MyNameGifOreilly

#7 Noted

Image source: jhoang0730

#8 Light Switch In Kids Room

Image source: AlexKiri

#9 Smh

Image source: mreynolds1023

#10 Forever 21 Does Not Know How To Use Photoshop Or What Women Actually Look Like

Image source: add217

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