25+ Epic Design Fails That Are So Bad You Won’t Believe They Actually Exist (New Pics)

Published 6 years ago

We’ve previously written about some hilariously bad design fails and you probably thought it could not get any worse. Well, turns out bad designers don’t sleep and continue making ridiculous designs that make people scratch their heads. So now it’s once again time for a new batch of freshly baked design fails.

From see-through bathroom stalls to wall facing stadium seats – you’ll see everything in the gallery below!


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#1 This Car Dealership Form

Image source: MarciRobin

#2 National Geographic Magazine That Warns About Danger Of Plastic Bags Comes Inside A Plastic Bag That Is Inside A Plastic Bag

Image source: dumbomb

#3 I Felt Quite Lost In China, But Fortunately I Found This Sign

Image source: 123Erik123

#4 This News Paper From The Dominican Republic Used A Picture Of Alec Baldwin As Trump

Image source: Papa_pepper_513

#5 You Had One Job…

Image source: Aero-Space

#6 Best Seat In The House

Image source: instanteffect

#7 Happy Father’s Day

Image source: KROXON

#8 Uh… How Would I… Know

Image source: 9986000_minutes

#9 I’m Sure There Must Be A Better Choice Of Dog Breed For This

Image source: TheJamster95

#10 Pool Got A New Sunshade For The Kiddie Pool. A New Yellow Sunshade

Image source: tangleduplife

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