Welcome to DeMilked, the sites that makes the best artshakes. Art, design, photography – if it’s new and creative, you want to see, and we want to deliver it to you. Thus we trawl the Internet for the best, most vibrant sources of inspiration and deliver to you our brand of artshake from our headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania.

But why?

To inspire, of course! Many artists stand on the shoulders of giants, so we aim to provide you with your stepping-shoulder. The artshakes we serve will give you new ideas, show you new angles and encourage you to take on your most outrageous ideas. Did you know that it’s possible to use CNC routers to carve amazing ice-cubes, sell coloring books targeted at adults or make amazing book covers out of polymer clay? There are limitless opportunities and you can be the next one to be added to our gallery.

Who, me?

Yes, you! DeMilked is an ambitious art platform and we want to develop the social aspect of our website. Everyone would benefit from artists uploading and sharing their art on DeMilked, joining up in a community of like minded individuals. You might be different in your subjects and approaches, but you are all unified by your art. So log in, upload and share – we made it extremely easy, so you could have more time to work your art. Can’t wait to include it in our artshake! (edited)