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Published 7 years ago

I like the idea of green living, not letting things go to waste, recycle, reuse and everything “R”. Mainly because I got brainwashed once I had my house clearance service done. The guy just kept pouring ideas for every piece of trash he collected. I began to feel bad that I am throwing all this away… But there are some things that I thought for rubbish, no matter what, and all of a sudden I am wrong!? We are about to take a look of the things that at least my incompetent persona found as “WTF?!”, when I realized, that they could be recycled.

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I am actually not that surprised by that one. When I was little used to melt down my old crayons and then pour them in different shapes. I didn’t use them again to draw, I just bashed them with each other, break them and melted them again for one more game. Ah, fun times. But today, you actually have companies that recycle old crayons and turn them into brand new ones. Cool idea, business out of nothing. And since I could do it in my childhood I am getting a bit mad now… If only I collected the crayons of every kid in the neighborhood and sold them

Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum

Now I know the picture shows good, non chewed, chewing gums. But the truth is that there is a company recycling used chewing gum, and they are making tires and toys out of it… Right on… Now is the time to go and scrape the bottom of every high school desk! The idea gets massive after an English airport is installing special bins for chewing gums. Now well known as Gumdrop, a project for a full cycle process of chewing gum. Follow the link and educate yourself, don’t be like me…



It keeps getting better and better now… There are many uses of the leggings beside the obvious. And actually all of them are pretty useful. When I was little we used to stack dirt in a nylon and plant some grass seeds on top. Glue two eyes a smile and a nose and you are ready. Do you remember this guy? Anyway it turns out that you can create all kinds of stuff out of recycled pantyhose. And I mean great stuff like benches, playground equipment, ropes even carpets. The first ever campaign for recycling pantyhose was from the manufacturer

Ohh… Bras…

Ohh... Bras...

Once a bra always a bra. Not that anyone has developed a way to make something more useful than bras out of bras… But the ugly truth is that there are many women in the world in developing countries that don’t know the joy of a bra holding you… This sound so wrong out of me … I asked my girlfriend about her opinion…Anyway BRACYCLE as much as you wont!

Why he looks so surprised…

Why he looks so surprised...

Why? Because his father just told him that they will give his used diapers to fill up the gas tank of the family car. Wait… WHAT?! No joke a company from Canada developed a way to turn used diapers into diesel fuel. The method is called

$h#@ Paper

$h#@ Paper

Not only that today human kind can literally turn shit into paper. We now produce scented paper from it… Oh the paradox… You can even buy scented piece of paper made from sheep s!@#$ for your close or your car. Now if that is not a step in the right direction! And I am not being sarcastic! In the past humans used cow dung for polishing floors and they even covered whole houses in it to stay warm in the winter… Here take a piece of s…. paper

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