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28 Of The Most Brilliant Children’s Halloween Costumes

Children are probably the most active and excited Halloween enthusiasts, so we decided to share 28 of the creepiest, funniest, weirdest, and prettiest children’s Halloween costume ideas for this year’s fiesta of horror and fun!

Photographer Takes Heartbreaking Portraits Of Really Old Dogs

“Old Faithful“ is an ongoing photo project by Toronto-based photographer Pete Thorne in which he takes beautiful and dignified portraits of old dogs. The series already has over 50 elderly dogs, and people around the world have been sending requests for him to take portraits of their dogs as well....

The Death Of Conversation: Photographer Captures People’s Obsession With Their Phones

“Most people used to use cigarettes as a social prop." writes photographer Babycakes Romero. "Admittedly, they’re bad for your health, but at least they didn’t turn people into ‘plugged in’ bores."

Massive Underwater Sculpture Of A Girl With The Entire Ocean On Her Shoulders

This massive cement sculpture, called “Ocean Atlas,“ is the newest work of famous English-Guyanese underwater photographer and sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor. The sculpture was installed on the coastline of New Providence in the Bahamas earlier this month.

This Swiss Company Will Turn Your Loved One’s Cremated Remains Into A Diamond

An innovative Swiss company called Algordanza created a unique way for us to remember and honor those who have passed. They use cremated human remains to create a diamond that will last forever.

15 Owls That Are Masters of Camouflage

The owl, a master of the night sky, is extraordinarily adaptive when it comes to successfully pursuing and capturing its prey. In this list we present one of this fascinating bird's most incredible adaptations – their camouflage.

Cat Ear Headphones With External Speakers Take Indiegogo By Storm

Two UC Berkeley alumni came up with unique headphones that fuse style, functionality, and sociability together in one product – shining Cat Ear Headphones.

Living With Neil the Lion Documented In Bizarre Photoshoot Back In 1971

These pictures, taken in 1971 by LIFE photographer Michael Rougier, show how Hitchcock’s “The Birds” star and animal rights activist Tippi Hedren, her daughter actress Melanie Griffith, and her husband Noel Marshall lived day-to-day together with Neil the lion.

21 Creative Cakes That Blur The Line Between Confectionery And Art

Cake is a sweet highlight of almost any birthday, but it gets even better when the cake is custom-made according to the hobbies, passions, and interests of the lucky person. These 21 imaginative cakes will make you realize that a cake can become a piece of art that is difficult...

Mysterious Old Bridges That Have Stood The Test Of Time

With this list of the most magical bridges around the world, we invite you to embrace your sweetest fantasies and, with an open heart and eye, travel to a world far away.

21 Photos Of Nature Winning Against Civilization

Abandoned places, as fascinating as they are, best demonstrate one thing – just how quickly nature can what our civilization has left behind. Be it a piano in the middle of the woods (no questions asked) or an entire building, grass, vines and even trees will find their way to...

Hundreds Of Climbers Scaled The Swiss Alps For Epic Photoshoot

Swiss mountaineering brand Mammut collaborated with hundreds of fearless mountaineers and professional photographer Robert Bösch to create a majestic photoshoot in the Swiss Alps.
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Magnolia Leaves Turned Into Cute Little Beasts

“Leaf Beast” is a minimalistic and cute sculpture series by Japanese artist Baku Maeda. He takes Magnolia leaves and makes subtle cuts, this way making them look like unusually-looking critters. Sometimes simplicity is the key!

How To Make A Cute Zipper-Mouth Cat Sweater

Instructables user Hellovillain shows you how to give your comfy but boring-looking blank sweater a second life by turning its front into an interactive smiling cat face.

25 Of The Scariest Makeup Ideas For Halloween

Tonight is Halloween – the best occasion to bring all your inner demons out and show it to the public, fulfilling your wish to become someone else entirely. This list shows 25 of the creepiest, scariest, and most disturbing Halloween makeup examples for the most horrific night of the year.

Squirrel Becomes A Halloween Monster As It Tries To Steal A Pumpkin

British photographer Max Ellis suspended tiny carved pumpkins with delicious bait inside of them to attract squirrels and make them stick their heads inside his suspended Jack-O‘-Lanterns for a clever photoshoot.

9-Year-Old From Spain Wins The International Wildlife Photography Youth Competition

The annual Young Wildlife Photographer’s grand prize for 2014 went to 9-year-old Carlos Perez Naval from Spain for his beautiful photo of a scorpion.

Artist Inks Famous People Using Photoshop

Seattle-based artist Cheyenne Randall reimagines famous actors, musicians, comics, artists, and other celebrities as they might look with tattoos covering their bodies and faces.

Gravity-Defying Stone Balancing Art By Michael Grab

Canada-born and Colorado-based artist and photographer Michael Grab is a master of stone balancing. Perhaps magician's a better word for it, actually, as it's difficult to comprehend how he could have created his graceful works of balance art.

Too Late To Learn? This Infographic Proves Otherwise

Illustrator Anastasia Borko and Anna Vital, the co-founder of Funders and Founders, came together to document the unusual success stories of people who were late bloomers in the things that they became famous for. They created an inspiring infographic titled “Too Late To Learn? Late Bloomers Who Succeeded Despite Their Age.”

Artist Paints With Fire, Engraving Lines In Candle Soot

Canada-based artist Steven Spazuk is widely acknowledged as a major innovator in an already unique art form - drawing with soot.

Breathtaking Wildlife Photos From The 50th Annual Wildlife Photo Competition

The winners of the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2014 Awards held by the London Natural History Museum have been announced, showcasing the best shots of animals and nature from around the world. Don't miss out on their back stories!

In 10 Years, Windowless Aircraft Will Provide Passengers With A Panoramic View

A new era of passenger airplanes travel seems to be on its way, as UK-based tech innovation company Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) has unveiled a new concept for planes whose windows have been replaced with display screens stretched out throughout the entire fuselage.

Thought-Provoking Selfies By Finnish Photographer Iiu Susiraja

innish self-portrait photographer Iiu Susiraja, however, shows us a radically different take on selfies that overturns our conventional concept of beauty, instead revealing her very personal, frank, and wickedly humorous relationship with her own body and her environment.