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5-Year-Old Girl With Autism Creates Stunning Paintings

Autism can cripple an individual's ability to socially interact and express themselves in ways that most of us can understand. However, this poorly-understood neurological disorder can also bestow extraordinary talents. Take, for example, 5-year-old Iris Grace, who creates beautifully expressive paintings in spite of – and perhaps because of –...

Ordinary Mushrooms In A Magical World By Vyacheslav Mishchenko

Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko is back with more enchanting macro photography. This time, he has trained his camera on the wonderful world of mushrooms, which happen to be in season right now.

The Origins Of 200 Dog Breeds Explained In Adorable Posters

LA-based artist Lili Chin did an amazing job drawing and grouping around 200 dog breeds by their geographic origins. From Asian to Nordic dogs and from Latin American to Welsh dogs, they're all listed in these cute posters.

Photographer Recreates Iconic Photos With John Malkovich As The Main Subject

Established photographer Sandro Miller, together with long time friend and Hollywood legend John Malkovich, created a witty project called “Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to photographic masters.” As the title suggests, the creative duo's photo series reimagines the world‘s most iconic portraits with Malkovich as the main subject instead.

Two Kinds Of People: Which One Are You?

Zomato, a website dedicated to foodies around the world, created a series of quite insightful infographics stressing binary differences in human behavior to promote their new app. In their “Two Kinds of People Project,” the company focuses on the radical differences in food choices, escalating with the never-ending conflict between...

14 Ways You Can Turn Your Bathroom Into Wonderland

This compilation of brilliant bathroom designs and decoration ideas will prove that there are plenty of ways to make your bathroom a place you will not want to leave.

Guy Creates Playful Illustrations With His Lovely Bull Terrier

Rafael Mantesso, a Brazilian food editor, creates playful illustrations around the everyday activities of his lovely bull terrier Jimmy Choo, who has been the driving force behind their climb to Instagram stardom. Instagram is clearly a great place for pets to start their Internet star careers.

22 Brilliant Ways To Reinvent The Stairs

Many creative interior designers and architects would leap at the opportunity to reinvent and reinterpret the artery of every multi-storied home – the stairs. Here are 21 examples of how such a mundane part of your home can become a work of art and a defining part of your home's...

Underwater Puppies: New Photo Series By Seth Casteel

New York- and LA-based photographer Seth Casteel is back with a sequel capturing the first moments of little puppies diving into the water for the first time. Casteel brilliantly captures the struggles, fears, and joys of puppies that are learning to swim. You can see them all in his up-coming...

25 Creative And Unusual Lamp Designs That Will Cast Your Room In A New Light

Lighting is often the most important part of a room. It shapes the room's atmosphere and mood, and even influences your energy, productivity and creativity. Lamps and chandeliers with creative designs can become the core of a room, adding the perfect final touch to your interior.

Photographer Finds Real-Life Locations Of Our Beloved Movie Scenes

Canadian photographer and film geek Christopher Moloney hunts down the real-life locations of iconic movie scenes in his on-going “FILMography” project.
Latest entries

American Iconomics: U.S. Dollars Turned Into Portraits Of American Icons

Let's admit it - our national banknotes are just plain boring. Wouldn't it be fun if they wore the faces of artists, musicians, characters, scientists, and other contemporary popular culture icons? As it turns out, artist James Charles redesigned U.S. dollar bills with just such a cast of characters.

150 Toy Guns Combined Into A Remarkable USA Map Installation

In this wonderful example of forced perspective art Michael Murphy used 130 toy guns and suspended them on barely visible line on the roof of the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids, positioning the guns so that when looking at the structure from its front the guns would create an image of USA...

Hypnotizing Portraits Of Siamese Fighting Fish By Visarute Angkatavanich

Even though these photographs look like pieces from a surreal art series, they are real photo portraits of the marvelous Siamese fighting fish, taken by passionate Bankok-based photographer and fish enthusiast Visarute Angkatavanich.

The Attendees Of This Festival Slept in Hammocks Hundreds Of Feet Up In Italian Alps

Welcome to the wackiest festival we’ve ever seen – The International Highline Meeting on Monte Piana, a slackline festival held high up in the Italian Alps.

Halloween Lip Makeup Ideas By Eva Pernas

Eva Senín Pernas, a multi-talented artist and photographer from Galicia in Spain, isn't your average makeup artist. She creates stunning works of Halloween-themed art on women's lips that are at once frightening, mysterious, and irresistible.

Breathtaking Nature Entries For The National Geographic Photo Contest 2014

The National Geographic Photo Contest – one of the greatest annual photography competitions in the world – has already begun accepting photos for all three of its major categories - Nature, Places, and People. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite entries from around the world so far!

Caricature Artist Inserts Mr. Bean’s Face Into Historic Portraits

“I’ve created over 40 photo-manipulations using Rowan Atkinson for the main subject over the course of 3 or 4 years and he is by far my most popular subject,” writes artist Rodney Pike. "I make no statements with my work. It’s simply for fun. It’s just a really cool bonus that I get paid for...

Illustrator Re-Imagines The Simpsons’ Springfield As A Gloomy Desolated Town

Welcome to some of the familiar and yet silent and cold locations of our most beloved fictional town – The Simpsons' Springfield!

New Beautiful Backlit Paper Light Boxes By Hari & Deepti

In their new series “Oh, The Places You Will Go,“ artist couple Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panickeer, aka Hari & Deepti, depict curious mythology- and sci-fi-inspired scenes in their captivating hand-cut paper art boxes.

Judging America: Photographer Exposes Our Prejudices In Portrait Pair Series

Dallas-based photographer Joel Parés challenges our most common prejudices with a straight-forward photo project called “Judging America.”

Artist Uses Domestic Sewing Machine To Create Stunning Embroidery Sculptures

Meredith Woolnough is Australian visual artist who creates intricate embroidered tracings resembling the original art of nature. By using a domestic sewing machine and a fabric base that dissolves in water, the artist repeatedly stitches threads into dense structures that ultimately become embroidery sculptures.

How Kissing, Barking, And Other Things Sound In Different Languages

James Chapman is a young Manchester-based physicist and designer who makes witty posters and cartoons that show how common words and expressions sound in different languages.