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Mom Captures Photos Of Her Brave Daughters To Show Girls That ‘Strong Is The New Pretty’

Why force a girl to play with dolls and toy ovens when she might be reasonably interested in toy soldiers? Kate Parker thinks the same as she documents her daughters being free to be… themselves!

Artist Photographs Happy Childhood Moments Of Kids Around The Block

Children have an almost supernatural ability to be happy. And Adrian McDonald took some time to to photograph the joyous daily lives of his neighbor children.

Photographer Shoots Angry Lion Pic Moments Before It Jumped To Attack Him

A lion is the king of all he surveys, and he’ll protect his realm from anyone - including photographers! That’s how Atif Saeed managed to take this stunning picture of an angry lion!

Instead Of Photographing Hollywood Celebrities With A DSLR, This Photographer Used A Vintage Camera

Shooting with old-timey cameras is all fine and dandy, but Victoria Will really merged the old with the new in her Sundance 2015 celebrity tintypes!

This Chameleon Is Actually Two Body-Painted Women

Body painting is the magnificent art of disguising the familiar human shapes with lines and color. Italy born-and-based artist Johannes Stotter is very good at it, as this magnificent chameleon shows.

Artist Turns Ocean Stones Into Tiny Mandalas By Painting Colourful Dot Patterns

Mandalas are temporary by design. But that's not the case with the ones that Canada-based Australian artist Elspeth McLean paints on stone
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Artist With Synesthesia Can See Music As Colorful Paintings

Synesthesia actually lets you paint with the colors of the wind, if it’s loud enough. This rare neurological phenomenon also enables Melissa McCracken to paint music.

Japanese Craftsman Masterfully Restores Old Books

Nobody ever doubts Japanese craftsmanship. And this Japanese craftsman demonstrates his skills by restoring an old dictionary to a near mint condition.

Artist Cuts Delicate Lace Patterns Into Industrial Steel Objects

Industry is all cold steel and masculinity. That's why Cal Lane likes to take her blowtorch to such rigid objects and creates lace patterns.

Photographer Dad Makes His Kid With Down Syndrome Fly In A Heartwarming Project

Everybody wants to fly, especially the kids. And ‘Wil Can fly’ is a very special project about a flying boy.

Beautiful Photos Of Cool Tattooed Parents With Their Children

Getting a tattoo is the traditional means of teenage rebellion. These kids have no such luck – their parents are already inked!

Shoe That Grows: Man Invents Shoe To Help Millions Of Poor Children

Impoverished children often have difficulty getting new shoes once they outgrow their old ones - or any shoes at all. But Kenton Lee of Because International aims to provide a solution: a shoe designed to last impoverished children five years!

Powerful Images Show The Terrible Effects Of Overpopulation

There are more than seven billion souls now alive on Earth – and the planet is suffering. An environmental NGO Global Population Speak Out has produced a photo book documenting the planets woes.

This Artist Turns Pencils Into Miniature Pop-Culture Sculptures

When life gives you pencils, you carve miniature sculptures out of them, just like Salavat Fidai did.

Striking Yoga Poses And Colorful Street Art Are Perfect Match In Yoga Instructor’s Instagram

Yoga and graffiti make for strange bedfellows, but not for Soren Buchanan who does yoga poses in front of stunning pieces of street art.

His Girlfriend Banned Geeky Stuff From The House, This Is How He Responded

Girlfriends and boyfriends do not always see eye to eye – especially when Star Wars and video games are on the line. This lady tried to bar his boyfriend from bringing any geeky stuff into the house. Tried.

25 Powerful Pieces Of Street Art That Tell The Painful Truth

The world is not in a good shape, and these street artist are here to say it. Using the urban walls as their canvas, ROA, Blu, Banksy and many others are reaching out to the masses.

24 Brilliant New Words That Must Be Added To A Dictionary

The beautiful thing about language is that it changes to reflect the times. Sometimes we even have to coin our own words and phrases for new things!