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Cheap Cosplay Guy Creates Costumes From Low-Cost Household Objects

Good cosplay – dressing up as your favorite movie or game character - isn‘t easy, but there are ways for thriftier nerds to join in the action. And Anucha "Cha" Saengchart is has proven his economy dress up skills with Low Cost Cosplay.

25 Magnificent Minerals And Stones With Hidden Galaxies, Skies And Oceans Inside

We usually admire rocky formations called “mountains”. But what about looking at rocks and minerals themselves?

Recycled Plastic Bottle Plants And Animals By Veronika Richterová

PET Plastic bottles are everywhere – in fact, you might even be holding one right now! Veronika Richterová from Czech Republic is fascinated with them – enough to make sculptures out of the stuff!

Bored Employee Uses 8,024 Post-It Notes To Transform Boring Office

Plain old office walls driving you mad? Then you understand why Ben Brucker got his coworkers to decorate them with superhero murals!

Creative Man Traces His Birthmarks To Make Them Into An Imaginary Map

There‘s really no escaping birthmarks, is there? Unless you turn them into a map of a fantasy world!

Adorable Photobooth Portraits Help Shelter Dogs Find Permanent Homes

Cats are undeniable kings and queens of both cute and internet, so they have easier time when it comes to adoption. But dogs need a little help - sometimes from photographer Guinnevere Shuster.

Hilarious Portraits Of Jim Carrey Imitating Celebs in 1992

Jim Carrey is one the greatest comedic actors out there. But he wasn‘t always that famous, and these pictures show him imitating celebrities in 1992.

New ‘Selfie Shoes’ Will Take Your Selfies To The Next Level

Selfies are the most prominent form of self expression in the 21st century. And ‘Selfie shoes’ by Miz Mooz are taking them even further into the future.

Use Condoms, Avoid Unplanned Little Tyrants

Nobody is saying that babies literally are tiny Hitlers. But as an ad by Ganesh Prasad Acharya suggests, unplanned babies can impact your life - and freedom - in dramatic ways.

DreamWorks Animator Turns Famous Movie Characters Into Cupcakes

Do want to build a cupcake? Because Fernanda Abarca does! She owns a cake company that makes sweets inspired by the biggest animation movies out there.

Artist Turns Ocean Stones Into Tiny Mandalas By Painting Colourful Dot Patterns

Mandalas are temporary by design. But that's not the case with the ones that Canada-based Australian artist Elspeth McLean paints on stone

Sea Gypsies: Hidden Tribe In Borneo Lives In Its Own Paradise

Some people get sea sick even thinking about boats. But Bajau people spent their lives on waves, and French photographer Rehahn managed to snap some pictures these people.