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Russian Photographer Captures Adorable Photos Of Animals And Kids Playing In Snow

Babies, animals, snow - a recipe for disaster, am I right? Apparently, no, because Russian photographer Elena Karneeva has done some kickass photo sessions that netted her editor's choice on 500px.

20 Clever Sketches Completed With Everyday Objects By Christoph Niemann

Sketches about everyday things usually involve some sort of pithy message that is surely going to school the reader. Christoph Niemann, however, does "Sunday Sketching": upbeat sketches incorporating actual real life objects in various smart ways.

Artist Spends 7 Years Turning Forests Into Art

Forests are spooky enough as it is: wolves, spiders, Eastern European grannies collecting mysterious plants. But Ellie Davies still spent 7 years in forests of the UK slightly altering them to give a more fairy tale feel.

3D-Printed Snack That Grows Its Own Mushroom Filling

3D printing is surely going to revolutionize the art of getting things and knickknacks you don't really need. But a plucky young food and concept designer named Chloé Rutzerveld wants to see a 3D printed snack that grows before you eat it.

Interactive 3D Art Museum In Philippines Lets You Take A Step Into A Painting

Many museums are really hostile towards people using cameras. Not this one, though - Manila's Art in Island encourages people to take a step into their 3D paintings and take pictures to their heart's content.

Australian Illustrator Made The Cutest Animated Resume To Get A Job At Google

Most of us send CVs full of lies when we apply for jobs. But Lisa Vertudaches, an animator and illustrator from Adelaide (Australia) made an entire animated video resume to apply for the position of Google Doodler.

Couple Quits Their Jobs, Builds Tiny House On Wheels And Lives By Travel Blogging

The American stereotype is that everything must be big - houses, burgers, cars, butts... But Guillaume Dutilh and Jenna Spesard dream tiny - they built themselves the tiniest house on wheels and are now touring the USA.

Wood Turntables Bring A Natural Vibe To Your Funky Fresh Beats

Interiors of glass and steel are so passe. What Silvan Audio Workshop from Seattle offers are turntables made from the cross-section of a tree trunk.

Freezing Weather Turns Ocean Waves Into Slush

Seas are only warm around tropical paradise islands and people with poor bladder control. However, a Nantucket photographer Johnathan Nimerfroh witnessed the sea almost at its coldest - the waves were actually turning into slush!

No More Coffins – These Organic Burial Pods Turn Cemetery Into A Forest

Not everyone can get fired from a cannon, and not everyone wants to be buried in a coffin. Capsula Mundi, a project from Italy, is the penultimate hippie solution for burial: an organic pod for the deceased that has a tree planted on top of it.

Banksy Secretly Gets Into Gaza To Create Controversial Street Art

Banksy is the artist when it comes to street art of all sorts. And he continues to stick it to the man by sneaking into Gaza, Palestine, to draw some uncomfortable art.

Highly Detailed Origami Dinosaurs and Dragons By Vietnamese Chemistry Teacher

Paper planes are easy and most people don't bleed to death while trying to make paper boats. But Adam Tran of Vietnam can make origami dinosaurs - big ones, too.