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If Cats Could Talk (Good Thing They Can‘t)

Is your cat a fluffy ball of love and purrs, or a sharp -clawed tyrant of the couch?

Bring The Ocean To Your Hair With Realistic Octopus Fascinators

Do you want to be the talk of your steampunk party? How about trying out one of Kirstie ‘deeed’ Williams’ Octopus fascinators?

Learn Anatomy From Knitted Creatures Without Harming Anything

Not everyone gets to do frog dissection in school, and thank God for that. However, Emily Stoneking makes aKNITomy, adorable knitted animal dissections.

Water-Activated Street Art In Seattle To Make Everyone Smile On A Rainy Day

Everyone likes the smell after rain. And Seattle artist Peregrine Church has made Rainworks, a project that will make you love wet sidewalks.

Mountains Of Water: Majestic Beauty Of Waves Captured By Ray Collins

Most of us have witnessed waves crash on the surf. But Ray Collins is really interested in the wave before and during the crash – and that‘s how we get pictures of wave looking like mountain peaks.

Blind Painter Uses Touch And Texture To Paint Better Than You

As evidenced by the internet, many people can‘t draw, but still try. John Bramblitt, however, only took up painting after he became blind 13 years ago.

Pop Culture Tights For The Geeky Ladies

Tights are a skirt's best friend. Of course, some tights are prettier than the others, and the ones you see here are a perfect fit for the lady who wants to be quirky and geeky.

Tiny Bottle Light Lets You Turn Empty Bottles Into Stylish Lamps

Candles in old vine bottles are extremely romantic, though a little impractical. That‘s where Rechargeable Bottle Light comes into play.

The Life Of Mongolian Reindeer People Captured In Stunning Photographs

Mongolia is best known for angry horsemen. But Hamid Sardar-Afkhami has chosen to document the lives of the peaceful, reindeer herding Dukha people.

British Artist Draws Coloring Books For Adults And Sells Million Copies

Giving some color to beautiful illustrations is something entertaining that requires some concentration, and you can do it even being an adult!

Duck Hates Mondays, Too: A Comic About A Bird We Can All Relate To

We all have issues with the stresses of modern day life. So does Dicky the Duck, the star of Fowl Language Comics, drawn by Brian Gordon.

Brilliant Ad Reminds Us Not To Measure A Woman’s Worth By Her Clothes

'Clothes don't make the man', or, in case of this social campaign, the woman. Feminist group Terre des Femmes and Miami Ad School colaborated to make 'A Woman's Worth', ad campaign against judging women by the clothes.