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Bored Coworkers Recreate Classic Paintings Using Office Supplies

Two coworkers - Francesco Fragomeni and Chris Limbrick at Squarespace’s office in NYC - decided to fight boredom by recreating famous classical paintings using only office supplies and photo manipulations done on their smart phones.

Clever Vet Used LEGO To Make A Wheelchair For A Weakened Tortoise

Meet Blade, one of the luckiest tortoises ever. He got the priceless gift of a custom-made LEGO wheelchair, which a vet in Germany attached to his belly to help him move around. The little guy's limbs were weakened by a growth disorder, so he couldn’t hold his own weight up anymore.

60 Vintage Cars Found In French Farm Garage After 50 Years Are Worth At Least £12 Million

Finding a vintage car is a huge deal for a car collector or historian, so finding 60 of them might make one get a heart attack. Such a unique vintage car collection was just discovered in a farm garage in the west of France.

100 Years Of Makeup And Hairdos In One Minute

A team of filmmakers and stylists at Cut Video challenged themselves to explore women’s beauty trends throughout the past century in one time-lapse video.

Post-Apocalyptic Aerial View Of Pripyat And Chernobyl Filmed With Drone

Filmmaker Danny Cooke has an opportunity to visit Pripyat, Chernobyl, earlier this year while working with CBS News to capture footage for a 60 Minutes Segment. He used the drone to capture the bone-chilling aerial view of the ghost town, left to be overtaken by nature after the nuclear disaster in 1986.

Quirky Movie Etiquette Slides From 1912

Going to the cinema to see the newest movie always has its pros and cons, the latter usually concerning problems with other moviegoers. As these vintage slides from 1912 by John D. Scott and Edward Van Altena show, movie etiquette seems to have always been a problem.

Two Australian Friends Turned Their Van Into A Mobile Laundry For The Homeless

Orange Sky Laundry is Australia’s first mobile laundry facility exclusively dedicated to the homeless. The social project was created by two 20-year-olds, Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi, who noticed that homeless hygiene was a serious and overlooked issue.

How To Make A Cute Zipper-Mouth Cat Sweater

Instructables user Hellovillain shows you how to give your comfy but boring-looking blank sweater a second life by turning its front into an interactive smiling cat face.

10 Of The Best Entries From The 2014 World Beard And Moustache Championship

On October 25th, extravagant and stylish men from around the world gathered in Portland, Oregon for the 2014 Just For Men World Beard and Moustache Championship. Roughly 300 people entered the championships, where the best contestants reaped their laurels in 18 categories with three prizes in each.

28 Of The Most Brilliant Children’s Halloween Costumes

Children are probably the most active and excited Halloween enthusiasts, so we decided to share 28 of the creepiest, funniest, weirdest, and prettiest children’s Halloween costume ideas for this year’s fiesta of horror and fun!

This Swiss Company Will Turn Your Loved One’s Cremated Remains Into A Diamond

An innovative Swiss company called Algordanza created a unique way for us to remember and honor those who have passed. They use cremated human remains to create a diamond that will last forever.

23 Actors Who Nailed Their Biographical Roles

Most actors are chosen for biographical roles because of their close resemblance to the historical figure that's being portrayed, but there's so much more to these pictures than that. From the casting director to the makeup team, many people work together to create biopic roles that are as true-to-life as can be.