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These Guys Have Taken Pancake Making To A Whole New Level

We previously wrote about a creative father who makes highly educational and elaborate pancakes for his children. And now it seems that this new perspective on the art of pancake making as a new way to express oneself is becoming more popular. At least a couple more people have shared their new-age pancake-making abilities with...

17 Flowers Masterfully Disguised As Something Else

This is a compilation of 17 orchids and other flowers that, due to their extraordinary shapes and colors and our complex perception mechanisms, look very much like something else.

Palestinian Woman Plants Flowers In Israeli Army’s Spent Tear Gas Grenades

There is a peculiar garden of flowers near the State of Palestine’s de facto capital Ramallah where dozens of tiny vivid flowers grow from spent tear gas grenades. This unusual garden and silent peace demonstration was created by a Palestinian woman who gathered the spent grenades from clashes between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians.

These Heartbreaking Photos Of Zoo Animals Are A Plea For Help And Change

Along with circuses and research labs for experiments with animals, zoos are yet another type of institution often tainted by the cruel and unethical treatment of animals. Many zoos have unnatural environments with little daylight, poor (if any) natural floral variety, insufficient or low-quality food, little to social contact, and claustrophobically small living spaces. But...

Light Turns Sydney’s Buildings Into Dazzling Works Of Art In Annual Festival

Sydney, Australia has recently become the subject of international attention because of the start of the annual Vivid Sydney festival, a celebration of light and music. The festival consists of an outdoor exhibition of delightful lightning installations, music events and important creative industry forums, most of which are free to the public.

Breast Cancer Survivors Model Stylish Single-Breasted Swimming Suits

A social art project called “Monokini 2.0” gathered designers and models to promote a different perspective on beauty and fashion with a series of bathing suits made for and modeled by by breast cancer survivors. These daring and super-stylish bathing suits are for single-breasted women who won the battle against breast cancer at the cost...

Millie The Adopted Cat Is The Best Climbing Partner Ever

As soon as Craig adopted Millie from Furburbia, an animal shelter in Park City, Utah, they immediately bonded and eventually started going on adventurous climbing trips together. “I go on a lot of weekend climbing adventures. I always figured when I have a pet friend, I’ll take her with me. It never seemed odd to...

80-Year-Old Grows A Thriving Garden In A Sealed Bottle Last Watered In 1972

80-year-old David Latimer planted a garden in a huge 10-gallon bottle in 1960 and opened it to water it only once in 1972. Now the portable bottle garden is almost 54 years old and is still flourishing in its own closed ecosystem.

24 Hours In The Lives Of The Most Creative People Of Our Time

RJ Andrews of Info We Trust presented eloquent graphic illustrations showing how the world’s most brilliant minds – writers, composers, philosophers, painters, scientists – scheduled their daily lives to be creatively productive while remaining social and physically fit.

Mother And 4-Year-Old Daughter Do Impressive Yoga Poses

Laura Kasperzak and her 4-year-old daughter Mini have become Internet sensations after they started posting impressive yoga poses on their Instagram. Kasperzak, who has been practicing yoga for 17 years, is regularly joined by Mini and her older brother, but he is camera shy and lets Mini enjoy the attention.

20 Complete Strangers Were Asked To Kiss Each Other For The First Time (Video)

The first kiss is usually charged with deep affection, a sweet thrill and anxiety concerning whether or not this is the right time for intimate action. Most importantly, you never really know if you and your date will end up kissing at all or how things will turn out. This very interesting project, uploaded to...

Kids Read To Cats In Adorable “Book Buddies” Animal Shelter Program

The Animal Rescue League in Berks County, Pennsylvania has come up with a touching program called “Book Buddies” in which children volunteer to pair up with shelter cats and read to them. “Children in grades 1-8 who are able to read at any level may come into the shelter to read to the cats in...