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Posts tagged "macro photography"

Watch The Smallest Rodeo Ever As This Tiny Frog Tries To Ride A Beetle

Sure, riding a horse might be fun, but who wouldn't want a flying mount? This frog certainly did! Photographer Hendy Mp captured the hilarious spectacle of a frog trying to ride a beetle.

The Mysterious Life of Bugs and Snails By Vadim Trunov

Look at all these teeny tiny creepy-crawlies milling around in their magical kingdom! Vadim Trunov, a photographer based in the Russian city of Voronezh, seems to have a fascination with these littlest of creatures.

Mesmerizing Jellyfish Photography By Alexander Semenov

Russian marine biologist Alexander Semenov photographs the otherworldly beauty of jellyfish. He is now the leader of a scientist team, set out to travel around the world and explore the mysterious and fragile creature in its natural habitat –the deep sea.

Ordinary Mushrooms In A Magical World By Vyacheslav Mishchenko

Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko is back with more enchanting macro photography. This time, he has trained his camera on the wonderful world of mushrooms, which happen to be in season right now.

Food Chain: Photo Series Reveals The Brutality Of The Animal Kingdom

Catherine Chalmers' graphic and uncompromising “Food Chain” photo series offers a glimpse of the brutal kill-or-be-killed natural world – one that many artists and photographers like to ignore when dealing with nature and wildlife. Warning – some of our readers may find these images to be disturbing.

These Gorgeous Spiders Look Like Jewelry Made Of Mirror Shards

These sparkling little fellows are called mirror, or sequined, spiders. Like all of the spider species of the thwaitesia genus, their abdomens are covered with reflective silvery patches that look just like tiny stained-glass sculptures or even pieces of jewelry.

The Spellbinding World Of Frogs In Macro Photography By Wil Mijer

Photographer Wil Mijer loves capturing the smaller living bits of nature, such as spiders, flies, butterflies and frogs and she does so with elegance and artistic devotion. The frog is quite a rare object in macro photography, so the fact that she loves shooting them makes her photos even more fascinating.

A Magical World Of Rare Mushrooms Revealed By Steve Axford

Australia-based photographer Steve Axford loves to travel to the remotest corners of the earth, capturing the lives of people, animals, and most importantly, fungi. His fascinating photographs of the diverse world of fungi seem to picture a fantastic expedition to some distant alien world.

Aliens On Earth: Macro Photography by Donald Jusa

Donald Jusa is a remarkably talented photographer in Bandung, Indonesia, who has managed to capture pictures of otherworldly life right here on earth. OK, so they're not technically aliens, but many of the insects he has captured with his brilliant macro photography could certainly play the part perfectly.

A Single Drop Of Sea Water Magnified 25 Times

David Liittschweger, an experienced marine wildlife and microfauna photographer, has created a revealing image that illustrates just how much life can be present in a single drop of sea water. The drop of water, which has been magnified 25 times, is home to bacteria, worms, fish eggs, crab larva, diatoms, and a bunch of other...

The Innocent And Charming Macro World Captured By Japanese Photographer Miki Asai

Japanese photographer Miki Asai is passionate about capturing the magical beauty of smallv things rarely witnessed by the naked eye that are nonetheless fundamentally important parts of nature. She uses her Canon EOS Kiss X5 (EOS Rebel T3i) to photograph water drops, flowers, and small creatures.

Magical World Of Snails Captured In Macro Photography By Vyacheslav Mishchenko

Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko is passionate about the less obvious and more fragile parts of nature, where little creatures like insects, molluscs, reptiles and amphibians dwell. Here’s a collection of Mishchenko’s summery photography in which he has documented the everyday lives of snails in their natural environment in a splendid way. Slow down and enjoy!...