10+ Photos of Family Portraits by Ulric Collette

Published 7 years ago

You know that genes transfer data from parents to their children about everything: body shape, character, blood type, appearance, mutation, etc. And you know that this is a common thing to hear “You look just like your brother” or “You look completely the same with your mom!”

Well, a Canadian photographer Ulric Collette decided to verify this theory. He took people and their closest relatives to compare their photos and similarities in appearance. He made photos of both people and combined them into one face on his shots. The series was named genetic portraits and gained extreme popularity among top rated family photographers and recognized authors. He was awarded the Cannes Lion for this series in the most prestigious advertising awards show.

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Grandmother and granddaughter: 61 and 12 years old

Brothers: 30 and 29 years old

Sisters: 15 and 16 years old

Son and father: 7 and 29 years old

Twins: 20 years old

Sister and brother: 20 and 25 years old

Daughter and father: 10 and 32 years old

Sisters: 24 and 30 years old

Brothers: 25 and 29 years old

Mother and daughter: 57 and 32 years old

Sister and brother: 29 years old

Mother and daughter: 61 and 32 years old

Father and son: 53 and 28 years old

Sisters: 19 and 16 years old

Daughter and mother: 35 and 64 years old

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