Portraits Of 100-Year-Old Citizens Of Barbados Were Printed On Postal Stamps To Celebrate Their Impressive Anniversaries

Published 6 years ago

100th birthday is quite an impressive anniversary that only a minority of people get to experience. That is why it calls for a grand, nation-wide celebration that will get everyone talking. Barbados Postal Service made it happen by releasing a series of postal stamps with pictures of 100-year-old Bajans back in 2016, and people are interested in it to this day.

Centenarians of Barbados stamp collection consists of 27 stamps of “individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to Barbados.” According to the official page dedicated to Barbados Stamps,  not all of the country’s 100-year-olds could have had their portraits printed, as there were over 100 of them. “The last census in 2016 revealed that there are currently one hundred and fourteen centenarians alive on Barbados of which only eleven were men. Looks like the ladies know something the men don’t!” they jokingly pointed out.

The Postal Service is still posting updates on the lives of centenarians, congratulating them on their impressive birthdays. Elaine Ometa Walkes, for example, celebrated her 104th birthday just a couple weeks ago, on January 18th. “This lady is still sharp, witty and very funny…told me she can see better than me,” the service quoted her nephew.

Scroll down to take a look at the gracefully aged centenarians smiling at you from the colorful stamps made in their honor.

Source: Barbados Stamps (h/t my modern met)

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To honor Bajans that have reached their 100th birthday, Barbados released a collection of stamps with their portraits

Source: Reddit

The stamps feature “individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to Barbados”

Source: Barbados Stamps

The collection was released in 2016 and consists of 27 stamps with portraits

Source: Barbados Stamps

Back in 2016, Barbados had 114 citizens that had reached the age of 100

Source: Barbados Stamps

Only 11 of those Bajans were men, hinting that maybe women know some aging secret that men don’t

Source: Barbados Stamps

Either way, all of their impressive anniversaries were worthy of a nation-wide celebration

Source: Barbados Stamps

These days, however, the stamps aren’t available anymore

Source: Barbados Stamps

Still, the Postal Services post updates about the Centenarians to this day, while they are reaching for further age-related goals

Source: Barbados Stamps

For example, Elaine Ometa Walkes (on the left) celebrated her 104th birthday on January 18th, 2018

Source: Barbados Stamps

She and some other honoraries are soon going to make it on the Semi-Super Centenarian List

Source: Barbados Stamps

Semi-Super Centenarians are the ones who have reached the age between 105 and 109, while Super Centenarians are proud to say that they are 110 and over

Source: Barbados Stamps


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