104-Year-Old Grandma Yarn-Bombs Her Town

Published 9 years ago

Street artists are just whippersnappers in comparison to this “yarnbomber.” Grace Brett is 104 and she’s likely the world’s oldest guerrilla knitter. This English lady helped Souter Stormers, a group of knitting partisans, decorate 46 landmarks in the town of Borders. It was done as a part of the Yarrow, Ettrick and Selkirk (YES) festival.

Grace Brett was born in 1910 and now lives in a retirement home. She knits to keep herself busy, drawing experience from making clothes for her daughter Daphne, 6 grand-children, and 14 grand-grand-children. “She thinks it is funny to be called a street artist,” Daphne told online newspapers.

More info: yesartsfestival.co.uk | SWNS (h/t: boredpanda)

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“I Thought It Was A Really Good Idea To Decorate The Town And Enjoyed Having My Crochet Included,” Grace Brett Said


“I Liked Seeing My Work Showing With Everyone Else And Thought The Town Looked Lovely”


“She Has Always Knitted And Crocheted All Through Her Life,” Said Her Daughter, Daphne


“She Has Always Done All The Knitting For The Babies And Made Shawls”




Image source: SWNS

Watch This Video Interview With Grace Brett

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