Cool Elderly Street Artists Destroy Graffiti Stereotypes In Portugal

Published 9 years ago

LATA65 is a Portuguese initiative aimed at showing that age is no limit for urban art. The name of the programe fittingly translates into “can” (like one spray paint is kept in), and it works by getting the elderly to try out graffiti. It’s bridging the age gap and promoting active aging by giving the elderly cans of spray paint, gloves and masks, and taking them out to paint!

Of course, the process is more involved than giving grandma a can and shoving her out the door. First, the students get lectures on the history of the art and view famous pieces. Then, they make their own stencils. The elderly then go out and paint abandoned and decrepit places in Lisbon, giving it some color and style.

LATA65 works in cooperation with WOOL, The Urban Art Festival of Covilhã, which is aimed at bringing street art to Portugal and getting communities interested in it.

And when you’re grandma is doing graffiti, who are you to argue?

More info: Facebook | Instagram | (h/t: boredpanda)

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LATA 65 gets the elderly involved in street art


First, senior citizens create their own stencils…


…and provides them with masks, gloves, and cans of spray paint


They bring color to run-down places in Lisbon


The program serves to bridge the gap between generations


Everyone gets to have fun, which is important in the end








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