Etam Cru Brightens City Walls With Epic Colorful Street Art Murals

Published 10 years ago

Polish graffiti duo Etam Cru, consisting of artists Sainer and Bezt, breathes new life into abandoned or simply dull walls that otherwise would sink in their grey sadness. Their epic-sized and fantasy-driven street art is scattered in various locations, mainly in Eastern Europe. Etam Cru’s magnificent graffiti works are heavily charged with Eastern European folklore, mysticism, fantasy and witty humour.

Recently the duo has spread their wings wider and flew to US, to present their talent in local Richmond Mural Project with their piece “Moonshine”.

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“Madamme Chicken”

“The Change”

“High Hopes”

“The Healer”

“Praying Sinner”


“The Last Mohican”



 “Monkey Business”

“Meeting The God”


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