33 Creative Anti-Smoking Ads

Published 13 years ago

Although anti-smoking advertisements are probably the most overdone ads in the advertising industry, they are also probably the most creative ones too. However, no matter how creative these anti-smoking ads are, the question is whether they really do their job.

I think they do, but it takes a lot of time, and of course one single ad won’t change your mind in a second. What it does is, it creates an awareness that smoking is a bad thing, and when a message is being repeated over an over again – it finds its place somewhere deep inside your unconscious mind.

And who knows, one day it may build up, and it will seem as though as you have an idea – “smoking is really a stupid thing to do, I quit!” What may seem as your own idea, could be a huge job of those creative anti-smoking ads you used to see everywhere.

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If You Light Up

Advertising Agency: ToroVazquezMora / Fischer America, Colombia


“It’s called suicide because it’s your choice.”

“Give up smoking: 0 8008 700 700″

Advertising Agency: Mercury 360, Bucharest, Romania | Published: December 2008


“The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. passivesmokingkills.org” (Advertising Agency: CHI and Partners, UK)

Smoking is Being a Slave to Tobacco

Advertising Agency: BDDP & Fils, France

Sex Life

“Smoking Can Affect Your Sex Life” (Credits: Surajit Soms)

Suicide vs Homicide

“Suicide – Homicide.” passivesmokingkills.org (Advertising Agency: CHI and Partners, UK)

The Smoke

Credits: lucaszoltowski


“Women who smoke feed more than just milk to their children.

Research indicates that chemicals from tobacco smoke are transmitted via breast milk. So, stop smoking.”

Advertising Agency: Bhadra Communications, Bangalore, India

Jumping Off Buildings Harms

“Jumping off buildings when pregnant harms your baby”

You wouldn’t ignore this warning. Why ignore them on cigarette packs?”

Agency: Lowe Bull, Johannesburg, South Africa

Die Younger

“People who stand here die younger”

You wouldn’t ignore this warning. Why ignore them on cigarette packs?”

Agency: Lowe Bull, Johannesburg, South Africa


Advertising Agency: Gitam-BBDO Israel

More information

Advertising Agency: TBWAVancouver, Canada


Advertising Agency: CHI&Partners, London, UK


Agency: Euro RSCG, India

Get to Heaven Earlier

“Children of parents who smoke, get to heaven earlier.” (Agency: Serviceplan, Munchen/Hamburg, Germany)


“…Xantham Gum, 3,4-Xylenol, Yeast and there are another 4000 chemicals found in cigarette smoke. Say no to smoking.” (Advertising Agency: The Classic Partnership Advertising, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)


“Terrorism-related deaths since 2001: 11,377. Tobacco-related deaths since 2001: 30,000,000.”

Advertising Agency: DDB New Zealand

Reduces weight

Agency: Touchstone Advertising, Mumbai; Aditya Uphadayay, Kailash Chaudhari, Shoeb Shaikh, Raju Gawde

Cancer Cures Smoking

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, India | Award: Gold Lion, Cannes, 2003


“SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Drinking This Water Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, And May Complicate Pregnancy”

“Would you drink it?”

Advertising Agency: Intermarkets, Dubai, UAE

Smoke Demon

Roughly: “What people call a puff, the bible calls something else.”

Advertising Agency: Neogama BBH, Brazil

Burial Ceiling Mural

Murals are painted on ceilings in smoking rooms, giving you impression you are inside the grave, and when you look up, you see the burial from the dead man’s point of view.

Agency: Everest Brand Solutions, India

First Non-Smoking Pub

“The First Non-Smoking Pub in UAE.”

Creatives: Jaywant Dabholkar, Porus Jose, Tushar Mahajan

Everything You Do Affects Your Children

“Everything you do affects your chilfren. Stop smoking with Nicorette.”

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb Kobza, Wien, Austria

Non Smoking Area

Advertising Agency: TBWAAthens, Greece | Creative Director: Vangelis Vrouvas

Second hand smoke

“Second hand smoke in the home hospitalises 17,000 UK every year.”

Advertising Agency: Chi & Partners, London, UK | Creative Director: Ewan Paterson | December 2008


(via boredpanda)

Just Looking at Them Makes You Sick

“Cigarettes. Just looking at them makes you sick.” (Advertising Agency: JWT, Brazil)

Poor Swimmers

An award winning advert for ASH depicting the effect of smoking on male fertility, created by Clear Marketing Communications

Writer: Andy Fenton| Art Director: Jason Chadwick

Quick vs. Slow

(via boredpanda)

You smoke. We smoke.

Credit: BatesPANGULF, Dubai; AD: Fahad Shehadat, CW: Bipen Jacob

Carry on, Taking Rubbish In To Your Mouth

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. passivesmokingkills.org (Advertising Agency: CHI and Partners, UK)

Smoking Skills

This clever print ad was created by Drive Communications to promote ‘anti-smoking ad competition’ in Jeddah.

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