These 3D-Printed Honeycomb Pods Are The Future Of Homeless Housing In New York

Published 7 years ago

Homelessness is a global issue that is especially noticeable in big metropolises like New York. The statistics show that the number of homeless people in the Big Apple has been steadily growing since 1955 and by now there are about 61, 000 people sleeping in the city’s homeless shelters and thousands more living on the streets. Although there is no quick solution to the problem, creative agency Framlab recently came forward with a project called “Homed” that might help dealing with the issue.

The company suggests utilizing the otherwise blank side walls of tall buildings as a new spot for homeless housing. The honeycomb-shaped pods would connect to scaffolding structures next to the buildings and provide a versatile space for people to live in. Constructed from steel and oxidized aluminum the housing modules could be assembled and, if needed, disassembled in a matter of days and serve all-year-round. The interior made from wood-clad 3D-printed plastic would allow for the equipment, furniture, and cabinets to be integrated into the design with no need for extra accessories. The smart glass on the face of the pod would allow for art pieces or commercials to be screened on the module clusters.

However, while the ambitious project sounds and looks pretty impressive, the creators state that installing these honeycomb pods will not solve the existing issue completely. “The massive extent and complexity of the situation requires work on a broad regulatory and policy-making level. But, it is critical that the design community is part of the process.”

To find out more about the cause and the ways you can help, make sure to check out this link.

Source: framlab | behance (h/t)

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Creative agency Framlab recently suggested a new project called “Homed” for housing the homeless in New York

These honeycomb-shaped pods that would connect to scaffolding structures on the blank side walls of buildings and become a temporary home for the less fortunate

The structures would be made in a way that will allow them to be erected and disassembled in a matter of days

The equipment, furniture, and cabinets would be integrated into the structure so that no additional accessories would be necessary

The pod will have a lockable entrance to ensure security, outlets, and the necessary storage space

The exterior of the unit would be constructed using steel and oxidized aluminum while the interior would be designed from 3D-printed plastic clad with wood laminate

The smart glass on the face of the pod would allow for art pieces or commercials to be screened on the module clusters

The creators agree that while the project offers a quick solution, the homelessness problem requires way more attention from the society and other institutions


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