Architect Creates Hanging Pod Shelters For Homeless

Published 9 years ago

“Rough sleepers” is a term for the homeless that have to sleep outside. James Furzer has a solution to help those sleeping in London. His “Homes for the Homeless” idea is relatively simple:making plywood sleeping cells that could be attached to buildings with steel frames at above head height. The homeless would reach them via a retractable ladder and have a warm, dry place to stay at night. These pods are simple, featuring a mattress, two folding shelves, and some windows.

James Furzer won the Fakro (a producer of windows, ladders and the like) “Space For New Visions” design contest with this idea. An architect working for Spatial Design Architects, he understands there are kinks like upkeep to figure out.

“I know it’s not going to solve homeless or even help their lifestyle – I’m not claiming to have a complete resolution. There are many bigger issues around homelessness in London,” Furzer said in an interview. “But it is somewhere to give them a night’s rest, to give them a bit of an escape for a few hours.”

More info: (h/t: telegraph)

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