15 Inhumane Ways Cities Are Preventing The Homeless From Sleeping In Public Places

Published 5 years ago

Let us introduce you to something called “hostile architecture” – a design strategy that aims to manipulate peoples’ behavior through certain design elements. One of the most widely used elements of hostile architecture is the so-called “anti-homeless spikes” – metal or stone studs on ledges and steps that are embedded to prevent the homeless from sleeping there.

If you live in a big city, you can probably spot a few examples of it yourself – although sometimes cities try to mask them as “art installations”. You’d think that the money wasted on all those hostile design elements could be spent on actually solving the homelessness problem – but apparently spiky ledges and anti-homeless benches sound like a better idea.

Check out all of the times cities went out of their way to repel homeless people in the gallery below!

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#1 You’ve Got To Be The Worst Kind Of Heartless Twat If You Can Go Around Slashing Homeless People’s Tents

Image source: JessieKer

#2 Modern Problems Require Modern…oh Wait

Image source: unknown

#3 Someone Installs These Poles To Prevent The Homeless From Sleeping Here, They Find A Solution Anyways

Image source: therewasanattempt

#4 When You’re Inclusive But Still Hate The Poor

Image source: isaacazuelos

#5 Bench In Volgodonsk, Russia

Image source: Burpalot

#6 Anyone Else Find This Ironic?

Image source: OhbamanableSnowman

#7 An Eyecatching Response To Mumbai’s Homelessness Crisis

Image source: simonmundy

#8 This Man Removed ‘Anti-Homeless’ Devices From Benches And Ended In Court

Image source: euronews

#9 Cut In The Shape Of An Obelisk, They Are Installed On A Private Site In Paris. Imagine A Homeless Man Who Would Lose Balance In The Middle Of This Work Of ‘Art’? Or A Child?

Image source: Dégustation de Bon Sens Liège

#10 Anti-Homeless Architecture

Image source: fluter

#11 The Worst Example Of Anti-Homeless Architecture I’ve Ever Seen

Image source: CommunistOrc

#12 Man Sleeping On A Anti-Homeless Bench

Image source: Chimichanga007

#13 When You Wanna Look Inclusive But Hate Homeless People

Image source: Unknown

#14 More Anti Homeless Spikes….so Much For Community Spirit

Image source: rMoiraStilwell

#15 There Are A Few Different Varieties But They All Serve The Same Purpose

Image source: tx1383

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