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Artist Transforms Trash Into Mobile Homes For Homeless

Published 7 years ago

After realizing that all his expensive sculptures do is sit in rich people’s houses all day, California-based sculptor Gregory Kloehn decided that he should create work that was more useful and meaningful. This is how the idea was born to build creative custom-made shelter houses for those in need.

The mobile houses that he has created for the homeless so far are all different and highly imaginative. The only things they have in common are their wheels, which allow their inhabitants to move their houses wherever they want, their pitched roofs, which protect them from the rain, and their small size. Otherwise, the houses vary greatly with their many surprising design ideas. Who knew that a refrigerator door could become a replacement for a regular door and that a washing-machine door could be a window? What’s more, the artist mostly uses garbage that has been dumped illegally, making the project beneficial in yet another way.

You can contribute to the project by donating the money necessary to build more of these houses. For further information, visit his website.

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