Homeless Man Uses Panhandling Money To Buy Art Supplies And Now His Art Sells Like Hot Cakes

Published 9 years ago

Impoverished artists is a stereotype. Jon Masters is climbing out of poverty through his art. He managed to get enough money through panhandling to get art supplies, and started selling his land-and-dreamscape paintings.

Jon Masters is a 56 year old artists in Pensacola, Florida. He has no living place since his sailboat sank during his two-week stint in jail on a minor trespassing charge. Still, he comes to the same spot under a tree everyday, with his art supplies in hand and his dog Sheba close by.

“I’m a firm believer that nothing bad ever happens, even though it really looks like crap,” Masters said in a video interview. “Just not enough time has gone by to see what the good is going to be.” His example is inspiring other homeless artists – he even organizes a barbecue for them with the help of a local radio station – and his art is getting sold online.

More info: thehomelessartist.com | facebook (h/t: aplus)

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Jon Masters And Sheba Appear On Local News And He Talks About His Art:

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