4 Monuments You Can’t Miss When You Visit Delhi

Published 8 years ago

When you are planning to travel anywhere, the most challenging thing is to find out the best places you can or you should visit in the city or country you are traveling to. This is why the planning of a trip is considered to be boring and you always try to shift that responsibility to another person. We do agree that it takes a lot of efforts to finalize the places, but it is also quite an absorbing experience, because then, you are able to acknowledge a lot of information about the place.

Delhi is the capital of nation and it is not a hidden fact that it attracts a lot of tourist from different cities of India as well as other countries. With the help of hotel deals, it has also become convenient and cheaper to stay in the city and immerse yourself into the culture adorned by the people living in the city. Although, there are a plethora of places you can visit in the city depending on your preferences, we will be talking just about monuments in this post.

1) Humayun’s Tomb

It was built in the year 1570 by Queen Haji Begum, the widow of Humayun. The monument is the best display of the Persian architecture in the city and you will be left in awe with the beauty of it that can be embraced on all the seven days of the week. It is open till evening, but we would recommend you pay a visit in the late afternoon if you want to immerse yourselves in the best architectural beauty.

2) Akshardham Temple

It is literally the epitope of architecture as far as temples are concerned. Spread on a whopping 12 acres of land, it boasts of being the largest Hindu temple in the world and comprises of a 42 meter tall construction that was finished on 2005. While the foundation of the temple uses concrete, all the rest of the construction has been done using granites and marbles that have been imported from all parts of the world.

3) India Gate

It was constructed in 1931 as a war memorial for over 70, 000 soldiers that were killed during the first world war. The monument has been erected on Rajpath. While, the sturdy construction is a beauty in itself, you can best enjoy it at night. Probably it is time to utilize oyo rooms coupons, so that you can easily stay at night in the city and spend some quality time at India Gate.

4) Red Fort

If you travel to Delhi and do not visit the Red Fort, your trip is incomplete. Magnificently built in 1638, it symbolizes the Mughal rule in India and portrays the splendor of their architecture. The 33 meter high walls were erected to avert invaders. During the evening, you can also enjoy sound and light shows that refabricate the historical events. You must note that the fort remains closed on Mondays.

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4 monuments in Delhi

4 monuments in Delhi

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