5 Decades, 5 Legends, 5 Styles

Published 8 years ago

“Music and fashion have always walked hand in hand. In the 1950s the world was introduced to rock’n’roll by the charismatic Elvis, with his smooth appearance, curled lip and shaking hips.

The 60s gave us Beatles‘ co-frontman John Lennon, one of the top songwriters in the history of music, who’s transcendental journey from sugar pop to psychedelic hippie rock will forever be remembered.

David Bowie was rock’s definitive chameleon. Breaking through in the 70s, he reinvented himself time after time to make sure that his music and fashion would never be yawned at.

Queen’s frontman Freddie Mercury is remembered for his talented compositions, flawless singing and unique stage presence. His flamboyant style and persona made the 80s even more memorable.

The talented, yet troubled lead singer of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, became a rock legend in the 1990s. He is forever frozen in time as the gifted cardigan-wearing songwriter and performer.

I couldn’t avoid being inspired by these unique talents from five different decades.”

Model Cihan Cakmak, Makeup Margarida Cautela, Photographer Leyla Avsar.

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The warden threw a party

The warden threw a party


Let me take you down

Let me take you down

Inspired by John Lennon

I, I will be king

I, I will be king

Inspired by David Bowie

I’d sit alone and watch your light

I'd sit alone and watch your light

Inspired by Freddie Mercury

I need an easy friend

I need an easy friend

Inspired by Kurt Cobain

© Leyla Avsar

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