Disney Vs Fashion

Published 9 years ago

Supermodels replaced them with Disney Characters.

Disney Princess in the covers of Magazines


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Cinderella as Bella Hadid in Moschino

Snow White & Evil Queen in Runway for Dolce & Gabbana

Princess Belle as @KendallJenner & Princess Aurora as @GigiHadid

Pocahontas as @IamNaomiCampbell for the Burberry

Mulan as Kendall Jenner & Li Shang as Matthew Noszka for BALMAIN x H&M Runway show

Belle as Gigi Hadid & Mulan as Kendall Jenner in Runway for Balmain fashion Show

Ursula as Mary Beth Ditto for Marc Jacobs

Ariel & Cinderella in Runway for Dolce & Gabbana

Jasmine as @GigiHadid for @VictoriasSecret Fashion show

Esmeralda as @KendallJenner for @VictoriasSecret Fashion show

Cinderella as Alessandra Ambrosio & Prince Charming as Francisco Lachowski for BALMAIN x H&M Runway show

Aurora as Gigi Hadid & Prince Philip as Dudley O’Shaughnessy for BALMAIN x H&M Runway show.

November cover, Ariel as Rihanna for Vanity Fair

Jasmine as Mica Arganaraz for Vogue

December cover, Rapunzel as @KylieJenner for Ellen Canada

Princess Belle as @AlessandraAmbrosio with the Beast for @VictoriasSecret Fashion show.

Princess Belle as @SarahJessicaParker for Cosmopolitan

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