5 Insanely Simple Yet Genius Camera Hacks That Anyone Can Do In 1 Minute

Published 7 years ago

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert photographer, getting that perfect shot often takes painstaking effort and excruciating time. South African camera pro Sheldon Evans has a few quick – and we mean snappy – tricks that can cut your shooting time in half and save you heaps of hassle.

In a 1-minute 28-second video, Evans demonstrates 5 ways you can use simple household devices, such as CDs and matches, to produce high-quality photo or video effects. This could keep the cost of your next photoshoot low and might help you travel with less gear. To boot, each technique is so simple that your dog could probably pull it off.

Sheldon Evans is known for his wedding photography in Johannesburg, but has recently become a popular YouTube personality with almost 3 thousand subscribers. Check out his tips below!

More info: sheldon evans, youtube, facebook, instagram (h/t: designtaxi, boredpanda)

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Fake Macro Bokeh

Plastic bag softbox

Towel video slider

Lens flares

Matchstick film burn


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