5 things which will not let you get bore on net

Published 8 years ago

*calls bestie* “Hey, Dude. Let’s party. I am getting so bore at home.”

“Nah!!! I am very busy. Heyyy… Where is your another bestie – internet? Party with it”

*Makes weird face* “Phewwwwww!!!! Dude, you would not believe but it is what making me bore. God!!!”

Usually we use internet to run away from boredom, but sometimes it ends up making us bore. So the question is what is the reason behind this? Well… Our habit to stick to just specific websites is to blamed. I mean, why would anyone set any limit regarding use of internet. It is an universe; try visiting its every corner (read web).

We will be sharing with you to how to make boredom run away whenever next time you feel bore while being on internet.

1. The Squirrelizer:

Sometimes a smile makes a lot of difference. And The Squirrelizer does that for you. It adds a cute ground squirrel to any image and thus gives a goose-bump of love. For this, all you need is the URL of a picture. Remember it should not be copyrighted – as this gonna be so wrong. You can also use your friends’ pictures and give them surprise by turning them into a hilarious shots by adding this unexpected cute and sweetie-pie guest.

2. Kapi Regnum:

Internet is not all about just social media. This is what is the main reason of your boredom. Dude, play games. Play Kapi Regnum. It let’s you make you a world like which you always wanted THIS “beautiful’ world to be. It is an amazing online strategy game set in the Middle Ages. It makes you fell as if you are in stone-age times and there is nothing around you; there is nothing in the world. You have to repopulate the land. Umm… You can produce over thousands of your favourite products, build various houses, an entire villages, hire number of employees, sell goods, and trade with other players for expanding your business and making it more successful.

3. ScienceHack:

Internet is not just about entertainment; it can be used to enchance knowledge; and it should be. SienceHack helps you in this regard. It provides videos of the real scientific experiments, which are screened & approved by scientists. Its categories include Space, Chemistry, Robotics, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Robotics, (even) Law & many more. So if you want to be scientist, this is the best. Why don’t you make it your BAE? Will be the perfect! ;)

4. Tworl:

There is nothing malefactor in using social media. In fact, it changes your mood in no time. But continuously using the same networks again & again is annoying. I mean, why confine yourself to just Twitter, Facebook, Insta etc? EXPLORE! JOIN TWORL. Make some new friends there.

5. Consumer Essentials:

Our wishlists… Well… You do not need to make weird faces as if you do not know what wishlists are. We all have one. Men’s wishlists are all about sport cars, bikes, watches and a!l damn cool things; whilst women’s wishlists – which are longer than men’s – are all about the best company’s best hair-dryer, hair-straightener etc. It is actually very good to have a what-we-want-list; and for buying something which we listed in this some very very very special list – we need advice of the expert. Ummmm…. If you are thinking that who can be the expert in this regard, it is the consumeressentials. It rates the 10 best for you and help you in choosing the right.

So get the right meaning of the internet and you will never be bored in your life again.

Enjoy, set goals (ok, ok, ok, we care for you. Hence, will give advice in this regard as well!. Join Linkagoal It keeps everybody on track.), and never be bore again.

Happy internet! :)

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5 things which will not let you get bore on net

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