How to choose right router?

Published 8 years ago

We’re all naturally tempted through the merchandise boasting the absolute best specs, as they show up to be the first-rate. However, keep in mind that going for probably the most top-finish router possibly a waste of cash for those who cannot utilize its among the finest points. something that’s the best on hand in its class doesn’t most of the time come low priced, however costs fall speedily in this rapid-paced enterprise, so if your present computer, pill and Smartphone most effective support 802.11n and you don’t plan on upgrading any of them inside, let’s say, a yr, buying a brand new AC router proper now would be pointless if you already have a decent N router. finding out the speeds of your computing device, phone or tablet’s Wi-FI adapter is in general as convenient as a Google seek for its specs, though getting information on their type could require digging deeper, usually through watching up the specs of the Wi-Fi adapter itself after finding out its identify and mannequin from the earlier search.

In addition to speeds, there are also several other factors to consider when buying a router.

Router range

in general, each new iteration in technology brings upgrades, and that used to be genuine for the variety of Wi-Fi routers from 802.11a as much as 802.11n. However, as defined earlier, the swap to 5 GHz from N onward really reduces variety due to the limitations of the larger frequency with regards to obstacles. although the equal routers continue to present the better variety of N over their 2.four GHz radios, permitting you to connect to them in 2.4 GHz N mode when out of the turbo, 5 GHz AC mode’s range.

There are a lot of different, alternatively intricate motives additionally concerned in picking a router’s range. The best way its hardware is constructed, how the antenna is attached, the material and first-rate of the antenna itself and the strength of the router’s signal all topic significantly. although most excessive-finish routers by using reputed manufacturers should be equipped to present round one hundred fifty feet of indoor or 300 toes of out of doors coverage in N mode, with range in AC mode depending extra on boundaries and the quantity of linked devices: the fewer the connected instruments, the extra effective the beam forming, and for this reason, the larger the variety.

earlier than you purchase a router, it can be a excellent notion to get an notion about its range, either by using connecting to it yourself if you have entry to a place the place it is installed (via a friend, relative, office, coffee retailer and so forth.), or studying online reports of customers who have bought it. you can also broaden the range after having bought a router by way of replacing its antenna(s) with better-variety one(s). That is most effective viable if the router has replaceable antennas in the first situation, of course, so that’s something you must affirm before purchasing.

Number of simultaneous connections

Another major element to take into account is the highest number of gadgets that may be related to your router at the same time. N routers support up to 30 highest concurrent consumers, even as for AC routers, the number is much greater, closer to one hundred. even as for most of us, even 30 is extra then adequate but for those who throw events at your situation ordinarily, getting an AC router might be a better concept.

Software and security features

In case you must be in full control of everything that goes by way of your router, go for one with evolved firmware that involves a good firewall and presents any further elements you may also require, or helps installation of third-social gathering evolved firmware like DD-WRT that can present these elements. in case you are concerned about your youngsters being exposed to inappropriate knowledge on the net, picking a router with built-in parental controls will also be priceless.

Other potentially useful features

A couple of routers include yet more aspects that may make your connected existence easier, reminiscent of support for network printers, and even the potential to plug in a USB disk force immediately into the router and entry its information from any device linked to your network. it will come actual helpful if in case you have various information equivalent to movies that you want to entry from one important region across your home, with no need to spend money on a committed community storage server, or maintaining a laptop powered on 24/7 for the purpose. If the outside storage power you intend to make use of for the intent supports USB 3.0, you will have to be watching for a router with a USB port to take abilities of the force’s high pace. And speaking of wired connections, make certain your router has Gigabit Ethernet (LAN) ports if you want to join a number of PCs to it via a LAN cable for a really perfect-quick connection.

Built-in home automation support

As of late, routers with built-in help for fashionable home automation protocols similar to ZigBee, Z-Wave and INSTEON have began to surface, probably the most noted amongst them being the Kickstarter-backed Security Almond. nevertheless, that seems to be the only choice on this category that’s available to buy on the time of this writing, with the opposite ones still being below development or on hand just for pre-order. And considering the Almond is an N300 router, i wouldn’t advise purchasing it now when AC gadgets are rapid becoming the norm. If it had been even an N900 router, it could have been a good funding; however N300 appears simply means too outdated. Their upcoming Almond+ AC1750 router seems relatively promising though, and i am personally looking forward to its liberate to the general public (up to now, it has best been available to its Kick starter backers). There’s also the a lot-hyped, tablet-situated cleaning soap intelligent router and home automation hub, which would definitely be worth considering in this category when/if it materializes.


When it is time to improve, we most likely go for the best possible-end device to be had in an effort to future-proof, but that might now not constantly be the pleasant determination. For example, there isn’t any factor in spending over $250 on an AC1900 router correct now just for future-proofing in the event you plan on upgrading your different contraptions like computing device, pill or smart phones next year, for the reason that until then, a $100 router will serve you just fine, and by using subsequent 12 months, AC1900 routers may also be to be had in the $one hundred fee variety.

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How to choose routers?

How to choose routers?

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