This 50-Year-Old Kitchen Hasn’t Been Touched Since The 1950s

Published 9 years ago

“House untouched for 50 years” usually means rats, mold and various unspeakable things. However, when Nathan Chandler bought this home in 2010, he found a pleasant surprise: a kitchen that had remained untouched since it was finished in 1956. There’s really no explanation why the previous owners never used the house, especially when it was still brand-spanking new. Still, this interesting curio shows us how people lived way back when.

While the differences are not apparent at first glance, once you start looking into the actual kitchen appliances, you’ll see years of progress in the field of storing and preparing food. This was probably a housewife’s dream back then, but today, it’s an antique, and one that Nathan has already sold to an interested party. I wonder what they’re gonna do with it. Probably not make food.

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Reminds me a little of “I Dream of Jeannie”


Pink rules the day. Maybe those people decided not to live there after they saw the kitchen?


I do like the metallic containers for sugar and stuff


Here we can see a 1950s version of an electric cooker. Press the buttons in the wrong combination and you’re liable to make the Cold War go hot


An old-time fridge that can cunningly disguise itself as a cupboard


The oven is suitably horribly pink


The kitchen was fully prepared to receive foods and the people who make them. All the manuals are still in place


I wonder if it has 50s food recipes



An electric cooker, brand new, more than 50 years later


These covers are also in mint condition. I guess they were needed for those spirals, don’t think they cooled very fast


The fridge might not be too big, but hey, you don’t need to crouch


 Old-timey dishwashers were actually pulled out of their slot





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