78 Reasons To Get Into Dragons

Published 8 years ago

Enter the world of Dragons and Magick through a brand new, visionary project that will change whatever you thought about fortune telling: the Starlight Dragon Tarot!

Nora Huszka, young artist and author Steph Engert created an extremely innovative tarot deck, that rethinks the concept of card reading as a tool of self discovery and divination- further charged with an original artistic take on these fantastical beings from various cultures all over the world.

The Starlight Dragon deck is unique in many ways! Instead of the usual card format, they present a specially designed square card format standing on one corner, like a dragon’s scale: this way the readings are extensible in any direction, transforming and growing like a great mandala, mesmerizing from the vivid colors that shine on the minimalist black background. Other cool features include zodiac, planetary signs and elemental rings that navigate beginner and advanced card readers into the depths of the dragon lore…

The project was successfully launched this month on Indiegogo, but needs further support to manifest into production!

Check out the crowdfunding campaign and be part of it!

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Crowdfunding campaign is live until 9th May with various enchanting perks including the deck, the guidance book, jewellery, T-shirts.

The smart design allows the mandala-like spreads to be extendable in all directions, while the colorful elemental rings create new connection among the images.

Nora Huszka’s second Tarot deck celebrates your inner dragons.

The Major Arcana’s designs were inspired by dragon traditions from many cultures.

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