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29 Photos Of Abandoned Houses In The Arctic By Norwegian Photographer Britt Marie Bye

Published 5 months ago

Britt Marie Bye is a Norwegian photographer who for the past couple of years has been exploring above the Arctic circle in Norway and taking pictures of the abandoned houses she found there. Her pictures have an eerie sense of calmness and serenity to them and they’re just what you need to take your mind off the everyday stress of the city.

The photographer says she completely fell in love with the scenery and the unpredictable weather, sold her apartment and moved North. She says it hasn’t been easy tackling a new environment and experiencing snow in June and September but she doesn’t seem to regret it. “The reward of being able to spend my free time exploring these beautiful surroundings, and share the stories of these long-forgotten houses, makes this decision the right one,” says Britt.

Check out the abandoned houses in the gallery below!

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