40 Odd, Absurd, And Funny Signs You Don’t See Every Day

Published 6 days ago

Public spaces are often adorned with signs meant to inform or guide, but sometimes they can be downright absurd. People have spotted these hilarious signs, put up by individuals or businesses, and shared them on Facebook groups like Absurd Signs (Not Absurd Rules) and The Absurd Sign Project Uncensored 2. 

From the unintentionally funny to the downright bizarre, these signs have provided countless laughs. We’ve combed through these groups to compile some of the best posts below for your amusement.

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Image source: Torben Christensen


Image source: Marie Oakes


Image source: Amanda Clark

ElfVibratorGlitter: I don’t even have to do anything weird for Florida to ban my books. Interesting thought exercise.


Image source: Giyan Chand

Shark Lady: I need this sign on my fridge.


Image source: Philip Anderson


Image source: Eric Draven

Adrian: Hunting slow children…


Image source: Rob Eagy


Image source: Alex Canclini


Image source: Jack W Mathews Jr


Image source: Chris Hebden

Miss Tinker: Thanks for the clarification.


Image source: Alex Canclini

Lotekguy: I’d buy something butt-ugly just to get that label.


Image source: Rob Eagy


Image source: Jack W Mathews Jr


Image source: Robin Holt Wilson-Snow

Jennik: No – it’s the neighbour.


Image source: Robin Holt Wilson-Snow

Enuya: My mental state in one picture


Image source: Torben Christensen

Kat: Guess who was in charge of the sign.


Image source: Chuck Darling


Image source: Arthur King

James Carreon: As a safety officer I can tell you every rule was invented because some things went wrong and we learned this …..


Image source: Scott Hicks


Image source: Chuck Darling


Image source: Edo Schweihs

Tee Pussi: I’ve seen a few driving school – bar – funeral home combos.


Image source: Jack W Mathews Jr


Image source: Torben Christensen


Image source: William D. Kalt III

Shark Lady: What about plus sized centaurs?


Image source: Robin Holt Wilson-Snow


Image source: Muk Esh


Image source: Bud Mcfadden

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: He knows where he is.


Image source: Giyan Chand

Chihuahua Mama: Must be some good adult videos if even Jesus is watching them /jk


Image source: Irene Elsa Branstad

Greymom: So if you miss the first one, you still have options?


Image source: Wayne Lake

#31 This is an actual highway sign. Must suck to live in Idaho.

Image source: Philip Anderson


Image source: Philip Anderson


Image source: Illogical Reasoning


Image source: Janey Godley’s Fanpage


Image source: Torben Christensen


Image source: Rob Eagy


Image source: Jeff ‘ Jw’ Waddell


Image source: Robin Holt Wilson-Snow


Image source: Denton Vale


Image source: Donna Battista

Brenda (edited): How many people don’t read the entire message before trying the door?

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