Woman Adopts Her Very First Dog On Her 25th Birthday And His Before-And-After Pics Have Us Crying

Published 7 years ago

A new best friend sounds like the best possible present you can ever get. At least, that is exactly what the imgur user ‘jekyllandclyde‘ must have thought when adopting a dog for her 25th birthday, and it’s safe to say she doesn’t regret it one bit.

His piercing blue eyes and adorable spots make Teddy a real charmer that gets a lot of well-deserved attention from the passers-by on the street. The happy owner praises him for being the reason for her to stay active and having “a good snoot to boop,” which is always the main reason to get a dog.

This Cattle Dog/Australian Shepherd/Golden Retriever mutt was found in a local animal shelter. According to the excited new owner, when he was brought back home “those eyes and ears just came to life!!!” and the pictures below just confirm her statement. Scroll down to check them out.

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This is Teddy, a Cattle/Aussie/Golden Retriever mix, and this is how he looked inside a shelter and at home

His new owner just adopted him as a 25th birthday present to herself

It’s safe to say, they were both very excited about this idea

Teddy now spends his days as a person-walker, a “chick magnet,” and the proud owner of a “good snoot to boop”

“I thought he was so loving and happy at the humane society…”

“And then I brought him home and those eyes and ears just came to life!”

This feel-good story is pretty much exactly what all of us need in our lives right now

If you’re thinking of adopting a new furry friend this holiday season, remember to consider if you’re ready to keep them happy and healthy, and always check your local shelters before breeders


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