20 People Redesign The Same Image To Prove AI Doesn’t Have What It Takes To Replace Humans

Published 1 year ago

AI seems to be making quite the waves these days, creating the question in our minds, will it one day replace humans? Well, one Twitter user named @anloremi decided to ask the online community whether they could take on the challenge of redesigning the same image of a T-rex image in a unique way to prove that Artificial Intelligence cannot replace humans. The responses were rather interesting and we’ve collected a few of the best below for your perusal.

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Image source: liboar


Image source: iamiojen


Image source: showchicken


Image source: TheLairdOfWar


Image source: subtle_bubble



Image source: thehateart



Image source: mahsan_khoshhal


Image source: DSlim71


Image source: liboar


Image source: MichelePetrelli


Image source: youngandsick


Image source: jaxestudios



Image source: BYViktor86


Image source: kreeznotic


Image source: maximxiii


Image source: wanlipengcheng1


Image source: ItsAdamtastic




Image source: TheMacPapi


Image source: Taylor_DSD


Image source: BroslavskiyNick

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