World’s First All-Glass Sky Pool Will Hang 115 Feet Above London

Published 9 years ago

Not many people want to be deathly scared while swimming in a pool, so they might hold off from enjoying the Sky Pool. It’s going to be built in London, connecting two buildings in the planned Embassy Gardens. The pool will be totally translucent and structure-free, encased in 8-inch thick glass. The swimmers will be able to enjoy the view of London from the height of 115 feet.

Embassy Gardens is being developed by Ballymore who have contracted the pool building to engineering firm Arup Associates, who, in turn, are getting advice marine design engineers Eckersley O’ Callaghan and aquarium designers Reynolds. However, many of us need not be afraid of the sky-borne pool: with a unit in Embassy Gardens costing upwards from $900,000, we are guaranteed to never even get in range of the people-quarium.

More info: | (h/t: inhabitat)

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