Pictures Of The Way This Thai Teacher Is Teaching Anatomical Drawing Are Going Viral

Published 4 years ago

Wannarit Karin is a Thai artist and the founder of the ART of Anatomy academy in Bangkok. The man is a very dedicated teacher and recently the photos of his amazing anatomical drawing lessons went viral all over the internet.

The man has over ten years of experience in teaching arts and has been invited to be a lecturer for figure painting classes as well as organized workshops for various organizations and companies throughout those years. When not busy teaching, Wannarit works as a freelance artist, sculptor and medical illustrator, writes newspaper articles, and creates animated media – truly a master of all crafts!

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Photos of Thai artist Wannarit Karin’s anatomical drawing classes recently went viral all over the internet

The teacher uses live models so that students can understand the muscular structure of a person better.

Wannarit uses live models to teach his students how to draw muscles

ART of Anatomy offers courses for students of all levels, starting from the very basics to more advanced techniques.

Everyone can learn anatomical drawing in Wannarit’s academy, from beginners to more advanced students

Wannarit isn’t the only one who came up with creative ways of teaching anatomy – last year Spanish teacher Verónica Duque surprised her students by teaching anatomy in a full-body anatomical suit. You can read about it here!

Wannarit has been working as an art teacher for the past 10 years

When not busy teaching, the man works as a freelance artist, sculptor and medical illustrator

People found Wannarit’s lectures absolutely stunning

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