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Bring The Ocean To Your Hair With Realistic Octopus Fascinators

Published 6 years ago

Do you want to be the talk of your steampunk party? How about trying out one of Kirstie ‘deeed’ Williams’ Octopus fascinators? Surprisingly enough, they’re less hair pieces and more akin to tiny jaunty hats. And while historical fascinators we totally different in style and make, modern designers have appropriated the word. And looking at these stunning pieces, don’t you think it’s very fitting? These octopus head pieces are fascinating. The body looks very much like the real thing (the eyes and the coloring are striking), and the tentacles are actually harmless ring curls.

Kirstie made the first piece when she was going to a ball and wanted to look more intricate. Of course, being a DeviantArt user, she posted pictures afterwards, which attracted customers. And how could it not? The octopus headpiece attracts steampunk fans, too. After all, the prototype steampunk man (or lady) is a getle(wo)man explorer, boldly going where no alternate 19th century man has gone before. Considering that it was still the age of ocean exploration, the octopus is a natural enemy one might encounter while going out into the great unknown.

I assume a fellow named Jules Verne also has something to do with it.

More info: | Etsy (h/t: laughingsquid)

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