Creative Parents Make Their Baby Son A Star By Re-Enacting Famous Movie Scenes

Published 10 years ago

Lilly Lang and Leon Mackie, young parents of a 10-month-old baby boy Orson, got completely carried away with their new project. The passionate cinephiles used the cardboard boxes, left after they had moved, to re-enact the most iconic scenes from their favourite movies, only for their kid to star in them this time.

The family recently had to move from Melbourne to Sydney, Australia, and their lives changed significantly because of that. The couple wanted to put more quality and fun to the little time they have together. Plus, the huge pile of cardboard boxes all over their new home kept shouting with the need of creative usage!

Lilly, Leon and Orson have already re-enacted the unforgettable scenes from such iconic movies as Jaws, Alien, The Terminator, and Jurassic Park. The adorable parents keep updating their blog with a new photo every week, so don’t miss them!

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